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Charismatic Movement Commission
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Bp. Samuel Mar Irenios

Bp. Varghese Chakkalakkal
Vice Chairman

Bp. Jose Pulickal
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Varghese Mundackal OFM Cap

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Rev. Fr. Varghese Mundackal
Kerala Service Team

Mr. Sebastian Jose
Kerala Service Team

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The Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church has been developed with structures and ministries at various levels for effective functioning, consolidation and reaching out. The statutes of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS)representing the various continents and countries of the world with its office in Vatican was formally approved by Vatican in 1993. In Sept 1996 the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI) officially granted recognition to the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) and the national office with the objects of ‘ the service and promotion of Catholic Charismatic Renewal of India and to serve as a centre of unity, communication and cooperation.

In 2004 the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services in Kerala [KCCR] was officially recognized by the KCBC and a commission of KCBC with Bishop Thomas Chakkiath as its Chairman and Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Athipozhi and Geevarghese Mar Divannasios as the Vice Chairman was formed.  The Chairman of the Kerala Service Team (KST)  is it secretary and  ‘Emmaus’ at Kalamassery (Ernakulam) serves as the office to the commission


Koinonia 2014

The reporting year begins with the grand gathering - KOINONIA. It was a gathering of Kerala Catholic Charismatic Leaders. ”Koinonia 2014" was held at Kalamassery St. Pauls International School consequent to the preparatory home visits and grand conference of the members for the Zonal service teams. Classes, group discussion, holy mass, adoration, skit etc made the get together wonderful unique experience. It provided a platform for meeting new friends and renewing old relationships. As a second stage of “Koinonia”, members of Zonal service team visited the members of Sub zone Service team and finally they visited the members of the Prayer groups. Bible conventions also were conducted as a part of this programme. These visits made our relationships stronger and deeper.

KCBC Charismatic   Commission Bishops Visit

Commission Bishops visited 7 Sub-regions during the period between October and November 2014-2015


In the month of January 2015, programs for strengthening the Christeen ministry were held. The efforts of Mr. Santhosh Thalachira for strengthening the Ministry in Zones, which were already formed during the period of 2011-2013, are quite appreciable.  We the members of KCCR Service Team express our sincere gratitude for his valuable endeavor.

Zonal Reconstitution

During the month of February and March 2015 reconstitution of 24 Zones was held. On 13th April new Zonal service team came to being. The blessing ceremony was celebrated by Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil, Arch Diocese of Trichur, after which the new team started the  programmes with great enthusiasm

Arise 2015

We all are observing this year as the ‘Year of Consecrated’ as declared by   Pope Francis. As a part of this, a program called “Arise 2015” was held in Emmaus.

Sub zone Reconstitution & Training

In May 2015, Sub zone Service team members for 2015-2017 were selected. A training programs was held as a part of this re constitution

Ministry Reconstitution

There are ten Ministries functioning under KST. The Finance Ministry was re constituted and new Councils and new members were selected for this Ministry. Two members from each Zone were selected and included in the newly constituted team.

Open 2017

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is celebrating Golden Jubilee in the year 2017 at Global level. As a part of this KCCR Service Team has formed a program called OPEN 2017.

OPEN 2017 is a program which would provide a support in studies and services of various Teams of Charismatic renewal in the coming year.

OPEN is meant for a acronym as given below:

O - Openness to the Holy Spirit

P - Prayer groups

E - Evangelization

N - Newness in Holy Spirit

KST Zone celebrated May 2015 as the month of prayer. The month of June and July was celebrated as the month of training and October as the month of Confession. As a part of this program a meeting of Kerala Service committee members was held at Emmaus. Later “Didake 2015” also was conducted during October 23, 24 of 2015 in this regard.

 The participation of Central, Zonal and Subzone Service team of Intercession Ministry, Christeen Ministry, Kerala Jesus Youth, Couples Ministry, Parish Ministry, Kerigma Ministry, Thuvaanisa Ministry, Single’s Ministry, Jeevajwala council and Finance council made Kerala conference a new experience. It was a memorable moment.

Retreat Center visit

During August and September, Kerala Service committee visited all Retreat centers of Kerala and expressed sincere gratitude to the centers for their selfless contribution for the Church on behalf of KCBC Charismatic commission.

Kerala Jesus Youth Report 2015

1.      New All Kerala Jesus Youth Team

The Kerala Jesus Youth Reconstitution happened during February 2015 and a new team under the co ordination of Midhun Paul, from Wayanad has been formed. Aneesh. K. Tomas from Idukki has been elected as the Assistant Co ordinator. The other team members are Betcy Jose (Secretary), Jithin Devasia (Finance), Asha Mary Jose (Intercession),  Fibin P.P, Thushar K .Jose, Jibin K.R, Vinod Paul, Elseena Joseph, John Thomas, Neenu Jose, Sinjo P.K (Ex- Officio, Ex Coordinator), Babu John P (Ex-Officio, Family Stream), Reji Francis (Ex – Officio, National Team), Joby Thomas (Ex-Officio, Formation). The Chaplin for the team is Rev. Dr.  Kurian Mattom from Pala Diocese and the Assistant Chaplin is Fr. Anand Manalil from Varapuzha Diocese. Alina Ann Mathew has been coopted to the team by August. The Kerala team has got a change in name from ‘Kerala Youth Central Team’ to ‘Kerala Jesus Youth Council’.

 2.      Service Team training

The Service team training for the different Zonal and Central ministry teams was held during June 12th to 14th in Emmaus, and it was an opportunity for the different teams to interact with each other and to share the common concerns and ideas on travelling to achieve the same goal. It helped in setting and clarifying the focuses to move with the same vision. The program equipped the participants to move forward with confidence to faithfully fulfill the entrusted duties.   The program was blessed by the presence of Mar Jose Puthenveettil, the Auxiliary Bishop & Syncellus of Ernakulam- Angamaly Archdiocese.   

3.      Professionals to Mission

About 20 MBBS and B. Tech pass outs found their time to have a mission experience in Mission places at South Gujarat and Maharashtra from June 18th to July 16th after a training of 6 days. The mission experience has enriched the attendees to have a feel of the real mission we were called to do. Beyond having a time to help the mission place, the program is intended to equip the participants to lead a missionary life.
4.      Master Builders

'Master Builders', a formation programme for Degree pass out students, was held at Atma Darshan, Aluva, from 10 to 20 May 2015. 17 young minds from different parts of Kerala participated. The programme was clearly aimed at making the participants identify their master Jesus and to make them aware on living a witnessing life. The participants took one month commitment for mission in different areas after the program.

5.      DTP(Discipleship Training Program)

The program is meant for the plus two pass outs to realize their discipleship call.

About 38 participants went through the training which was followed by a retreat.

 6.      Teachers Gathering

A gathering for the Teachers across Kerala irrespective of the age and field was held during the month May with a participation of about 60 Teachers. The program included a retreat and formation program to realize the role a teacher can play in the faith formation, character formation and personal formation, especially spiritual formation of a student. The program led to the evolution of an All Kerala Teachers’ network.

7.      Commitment Day

Jesus Youth has celebrated 2015 May 24th as the Commitment day internationally and the Jesus Youths across Kerala has organized the same in different Zones and took the commitment to live the Jesus Youth lifestyle and to be obedient to the Church.

8.      Theatre Workshop

A training program to develop the Audio Visual skills of the talented youths was organized in POC, Palarivattom during April 29th to May 3rd and about 40 participants from different parts of Kerala have attended the training. The program was blessed by the presence of KCBC Media Commission chairman Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekethecheril and Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken, the KCBC Media Commission Secretary.

9.   Kerala Campus Conference

The Kerala Campus Conference was held on August 26th to 29th in SH College Thevara under the initiative of Campus ministry with a participation of about 800 students from different campuses in Kerala. The program introduced a set of specially trained Junior Resources to lead the Workshops. It was blessed with the presence of Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarackal, Metropolitan Archbishop of Verapoly, Mar. Raphael Thattil, KCBC Charismatic commission Chairman and also with a number of Priests including Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev. Fr. Jose Thurvackal, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Rev. Fr. Siby, Rev. Fr. Shibu OCD, Rev. Fr. Anand Manalil, Rev. Fr. Anson OCD, Rev. Fr. Simon OFM, Rev. Fr. Stanley Mathirappillil and     Rev. Fr. Joshi Mayyattil. Prominent resource persons like Dr. Edward Edezhath, Mr .V. V Augustine, Mr. Manoj Sunny, Mr. Babu John, Mr. Raiju Varghese, Dr. Chackochan Njavally, Mr. Livin Varghese, Mr. Geo P George and Mr. Geo Jolly were part of the program.

 10.  Proficus

‘Proficus’, a training program for the students across various professional Colleges in Kerala was held at ISAT College of Engineering, Kalamasserry during October 21st to 25th. Around 300 Students participated in the training. It had an initial retreat followed by input sessions to mould the participants to serve better in their campus life.

 11.  Family Stream Training Program

The Jesus Youth Family stream has organized a training programme during the month August to help the families identify the mission they are called to do in the Church. It was focused to realize the special call a family is having, to mould the youths, in missionary parenting, in spreading the charismatic life style etc. Around 43 families attended the training.

12.  Intercession Retreat – FIRE WALL

The Kerala Intercession team has organized a retreat for those with a charism of intercession to mould it in the right way to be the weapons of God. There were 66 participants from all over Kerala.

13.  JET - Junior Evangelisation Training

Junior evangelization training (JET) is a one year formation program for selected Jesus Youth leaders. About 120 participants from different Zones are undergoing the training this year. With a good mix of participants from different Zones, different ministries as well as life situations, it concentrates on their spiritual growth and revival of inner freedom.

14.  Kerala Leaders Training

The training program for selected leaders to build a second layer Leadership was done during the month of October with 30 participants from twenty Zones and four central ministry teams. The retreat and reflection was led by Mr. Thankachayan who is the responsible person in KST for taking care of Jesus Youth. The theme included various topics such as Theology of Body, Self Awareness, Personal Discipline, Word of God and Commitment. Bishop Mar Thomas Chakiath (Bishop Emiritus) has blessed the training with his presence.

15.  Campus Warriors 2015

‘Campus Warriors 2015’ by Kerala Arts and Science Students ministry was held at Assisi Shanthi Kendra, Karukutty, Angamaly. 32 first year Degree students from Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala participated in the programme held from 21- 25 October 2015.

16.  Animators and Elders Gathering

A one day gathering for the Animators and Elders of different Zones and Central ministries in Kerala was conducted in September 24th in POC, Palarivattom. About 65 participated in the gathering which included the Priests, Religious sisters and the Elders.

17.  Formation Pre Gatherings and Trainings

About 250 Jesus Youths has been gone through the Formation Training. Formation is a major program being planned for every Jesus Youth to have a proper formation and to be in a measurable form.

18.  Yellapetty Outreach

Kerala Jesus Youth organized an Outreach programme to Yellapatty Parish near Munnar, from November 9th to November 15th. The objective of the programme was to take the participants deeper into their call as a missionary and explore new ways and means to respond to their call. Nearly 30 Participants from different Zones took part in this outreach. 

 19. Revive

The Kerala Nurses Ministry has organized a program for the Nursing passout students with 47 participants from different institutions in Kerala. The program REVIVE-15 was held from 18th -21st November in Vimaljyothi, Aluva.

 20.  Annual Evaluation Meeting

About 250 people from different Zones and Central ministries have participated in the Annual Evaluation Meeting held during November in Emmaus. It was an opportunity to have an evaluation of progress reached by the Zones and Ministries till then and to have a clear plan for the future to move forward with the same focuses and vision.

Major Upcoming Initiatives

1.      ‘Year of  Mercy’ Plans

As part of ‘Year of Mercy’ the Kerala Jesus Youth Council is planning for some initiatives as below:

  • Inauguration of great Jubilee of mercy at Renewal Centre, Ernakulum on December 8th. We are expecting the presence of Bishop Mar Sebastian Adayantharath on the same function
  • Corporal Works of Mercy: This will be an opportunity for us to rediscover these corporal works of Mercy: (i) to feed the hungry, (ii) give drink to the thirsty, (iii) clothe the naked, (v) welcome the stranger, (v) heal the sick, (vi) visit the imprisoned and (vii) bury the dead.” (MV15). We will motivate every Jesus Youth to do “One small Act of Mercy daily”.
  • Spiritual Works of Mercy: (i) to counsel the doubtful, (i) instruct the ignorant, (iii) admonish sinners, (iv) comfort the afflicted, (v) forgive offences, (vi) bear patiently those who do us ill and (ii) pray for the living and the dead” (MV 15). We are recommended to form Missionary Disciples (MD), (Evangeli Gaudium120) who will exercise the above spiritual works and motivate others to do the same.”
  • Pilgrimage: We will announce some Pilgrimages where people can have the opportunity to enter the Holy Door and encounter God’s Mercy and obtain an Indulgence.
  • Lent 2016:The season of Lent during this Jubilee Year should also be lived more intensely as a privileged moment to celebrate and experience God’s Mercy” (MV 16). Lent 2016 should be considered with new fervor and also more reading and meditation of the Sacred Scriptures should be promoted. “In order to be capable of Mercy, therefore, we must first of all dispose ourselves to listen to the Word of God” (MV13).
  • Regular Confession Initiatives: We need to lead penitence to experience Divine Mercy through the sacrament of Reconciliation. We will go for regular confessions and lead others to this sacrament.
  • Mercy Outreaches: There is an urgent need to identify ‘Agents of Reconciliation’ who will take the initiative to reach out to those who feel wounded by the ministers and the members of our own community. This year we will try to motivate every Jesus Youth to take short term and long term volunteership and become ‘ Agents of Reconciliation
  • 24 Hours for the Lord: March 4 and 5, 2016 can be marked as the days of intense prayer in every Diocese, Parish, Religious House, Institution and Mission Stations. A 24-hour Chain Prayer involving different ministries will be organised.
  • Household Catechesis: For the whole of next year, we will have our Household Catechesis focusing on the ‘year of mercy’. We would be encouraged to engage in Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy after each Household.
  • Time of Reconnecting for Jesus Youth: During the period from Easter Sunday to Pentecost (March 27th to May 15th) we would be focusing on the dimension of ‘reconnecting’ within the Jesus Youth movement. This will also help us prepare prayerfully and meaningfully for our Commitment Day.

2.      Cultural Exchange

It is a one month program where the Jesus Youths from outside Kerala, especially from North East will visit Kerala to have a cultural experience of spirituality, customs and to experience the Jesus Youth life style. This year, a participation of about 250 is expected for the program. The final gathering after the training in Divine Retreat Centre and the exposure in different Parishes across Kerala will be held in Kothamangalam during December. 

Vote of thanks

I thank all Renewal centers, Ministries, Zonal and Subzone team members who have cooperated in all programs. I extend my sincere gratitude to all Arch Bishops and  Bishops who have greatly contributed towards the Renewal services of Kerala Catholic Church and for the renewal of Laymen.

Fr. Sebastian Karukappilly

Secretary, Charismatic Commission