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Commission For Religious
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Bp. Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom

Bp. Stephen Athipozhiyil
Vice Chairman

Bp. Mar Joseph Pamplany
Vice Chairman

Rev. Dr.Sebastian Thudathikunnal V.C

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Jacobi, OSJ
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Thomas Sajeev Thekkecharuvil OIC
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Shabin Karakunnel CST
Joint Secretary

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Rev. Dr.Sebastian Thudathikunnal V.C

Sr. Modesta CTC

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  1. Introduction

The KCBC Commission for Religious, “KCMS”, is strengthened by the timely support and encouragement of His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Perumthottam, the Chairman of the Commission, and of Vice-Chairmen Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarackal and His Excellency Dr. Yoohanan Mar Chrysostom.

 2.      Executive   Members of KCMS (CRI Kerala Region)

Rev. Fr. Thomas Manjakunnel CMI               President

Rev. Sr. Rexia Mary FIH                                Vice-President

Rev. Sr. Rosina CMC                                     Secretary and Treasurer

Rev. Fr. Prasad Theruvath OCD                    Executive Member

Rev. Sr.Caroine CSN                                      Executive Member

Rev. Sr.Lidiya DM                                         Executive Member

Rev. Fr. William Nedumpurath OIC              Executive Member

Bro. Joseph CST                                             Executive Member



  1. KCMS General Body 2015

The KCMS General Body was convened on 8th June 2015 at Renewal Center Kaloor, Kochi. Our 165 Major Superiors participated in the event. His Grace Most Rev. Joseph Perumthottam, the Chairman of KCBC Commission for Religious delivered the inaugural address. His Grace highlighted that each and every religious should be a model of Christ to the world. The KCBC Secretary General His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kariyil invited all religious to live and work as part of the body of Christ and obtain the spirit of St. Paul. Rev. Dr. Francis Pereparambil OCD presented the paper on the theme ‘Eastern and Western Monasticism’.  In the practical session Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, Director of POC helped the participants to be very active in the discussions. He   shared his views about the ‘Collaborative Ministry’ and stressed that every religious must show love, concern and collaboration in the pastoral ministry as St. Paul did. Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil CMI, the then Director of Rajagiri Institutions enriched and enlightened the gathering by presenting the paper on the theme ‘Inter congregational relationship among religious’.

 2.      KCBC & KCMS Joint Meeting

The KCBC & KCMS joint meeting took place on June 9th 2015 at POC Palarivattom In it all our Bishops and most of our Major Superiors participated. Fr Thomas Manjakunnel CMI, President of KCMS, welcomed the gathering. His Grace Most Rev. Joseph Perumthottam, the Chairman of KCBC Commission for Religious presided over the meeting. His Grace said that every religious should spread the Gospel joy to the entire universe. His Beatitude Moran Mor  Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, President of CBCI & KCBC presided over the inaugural session. After the tea break, Rev. Dr. M. K. George SJ, Provincial of Calicut presented a paper on the theme ‘Theological Perspective of Consecrated Life and Pastoral Ministry’in two sessions. During the second session he explained its Challenges and scope. He could enrich the gathering from his vast knowledge and personal experience in this field. Afternoon session by Mr. C.J. Romid (FCA) has given a clear idea about the topics on Tax deduction at source from salary, Pension, Registration under section 12AA of Income Tax Act 1961 and   renewal of Registration under foreign contribution and on Building tax.


I. Inauguration of Year of Consecrated Life on 9th December 2014: KCMS officially inaugurated the ‘Year of consecration’ on 9th December 2014 at POC Palarivattom. His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselious Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos, President CBCI and KCBC inaugurated the celebration. All our Archbishops, Bishops, Major Superiors and KCMS Executive members participated in it. Rev. Fr. Varghese Malppan SJ enlightened the participants. Rev Fr Thomas Manjakunnel welcomed the audience and Fr Prasad Theruvath proposed the vote of thanks.

II. Awareness about the TDS issue: On 10th February 2015 KCMS arranged an information session for   Major Superiors and School Administrators at the KCMS Secretariat in Aluva.  Mr. C J Romid, Charted Accountant, Ernakulam imparted valuable information about the subject.

III. Theologians’ Brain storming session: On 21st April 2015 under the guidance of   Rev. Dr. Jacob Nalupara MCBS & Rev. Dr. Wilson Srampical OCD the Theologian’s Brain storming session took place at POC, Palarivattom.

IV. Major Superior’s Motivation Meet: Major Superior’s motivation session was held on July 22nd 2015 at Athma Dharshana Aluva. Rev. Dr. Wilson Srampical OCD   handled the sessions on the theme ‘Consecrated life in the view of St Theresa of Avila’.  On 23rd July, Rev.Fr. Boby Jose handled the topic ‘Consecrated life today’   in a systematic way. He drew every one’s attention to the need of a deep rooted spirituality and Christ experience.  All the major superiors enjoyed and were enriched by the session.

V. Young Religious Meet – 2015: It was held at POC Palarivattom on August 8th Saturday 2015. Rev. Fr. Berny Varghese OFM Cap spoke on the subject “The Challenges and Opportunities of Religious Life”.  Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, Deputy Secretary General & Director of POC presented the theme “Year of Mercy” in a systematic way. It is an extraordinary Jubilee  year  declared  by  the Pope Francis  which  will be inaugurated on  8th December 2015. The resource persons presented the themes which are applicable for the personal and practical life of the group. The one day seminar for young Religious imparted special enthusiasm to the young religious to live and work more effectively for the church and the world. It encouraged everyone to witness Christ’s Mercy to the whole world. 

VI. Local Superiors Animation programme – 2015: Local Superiors Animation program – 2015   was held at P O C Palarivattom on 12th September and on 10th October 2015. The program was organized in the context of celebration of the year of consecrated. Rev. Dr. Prasad Theruvath OCD and Rev. Fr. Titus Karikkassery OCD     handled the sessions on the theme ‘Leading a Religious Community in the Francis Era’ and Rev Fr Jolly Vadakan, secretary  for KCBC Media commission   presented  the  paper on the theme ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of Religious Life’. All of them contributed from their vast knowledge and experience in leadership.

VII. Regarding Tax Deduction and Evidence submission: On 15th September 2015 a one day program for earning members of the religious congregations was conducted at POC. Mr. C.J. Romid gave necessary guidelines for ‘Tax Deduction’ and to maintain the account in a systematic way.  He collected the necessary documents too from the institutions to submit to CBDT office at Delhi.

VIII. Program - Year of Consecrated Life: KCBC & KCMS organized zonal level ‘one day’ gatherings for six times as a part of celebration of the ‘Consecrated year’ with the co operation  and collaboration  of  local CRI Executive members. They were  at Calictut on  21st February , Ernakulam on 28th February ,Trivandrum on March 7th , Thrissur  on March 21st , Kannur on April 25th  and  Kottayam  on May 9th.   We do remember with sincere gratitude His Eminence Moran Mor Baselious Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos, President CBCI and KCBC for the eminent presence at all six zones, for inaugurating all the six programs   and    for his thought provoking messages. We do remember all our Archbishops, Bishops for their   cooperation, presence and for their messages. We are very grateful to all our local CRI leaders, Major superiors and local superiors. We do appreciate them for taking hardships and for their efforts which made all the events a grand success. Altogether 11,500 religious benefited from this program.


Various KCMS executive meetings were conducted to co ordinate programs for religious, on Tax Deduction issues and   to discuss various other issues as given below.

(a).KCMS Executive Meeting on 24thDecember  2014: An  Executive  Meeting  of  KCMS was held at  POC  Palarivattomon  on 24December 2014 at 10 pm . The following programs were discussed and finalized:

        i. Theologians’   Brain Storming  session on  April 21st

      ii.   Major Superiors Motivation programme  at Athma Dharsanon on July 22&23 by
      Fr. Boby Jose  OFMCap

    iii. Young Religious Meet    at POC on Aug 8th. by Rev. Fr. Berny Varghese OFM

     iv. Local Superiors Animation programme  by Rev. Dr. Prasad OCD & Rev Fr Jolly
      Vadakan on Sept.12

       v.Local Superiors Animation programme by Rev. F.r Titus Karikkassery OCD  & Rev.
      Fr. Jolly  Vadakan on on October 10.

(b). KCMS Executive Meeting on 13th May 2015 at POC Palarivattam: During the meeting the following programs were discussed and decided

        i. 44th KCMS Annual General Body 2015 ‘on 8th June 2015 -KCMS General Body.

         ii. KCBC & KCMS Meeting on 9th June 2015.

(c). KCMS Executive Meeting on 2nd June 2015 at KCMS Secretariat, Aluva: During the Meeting the program of the General Body and the KCBC & KCMS Meet were finalized. We decided to have a session of Mr. C.J. Romid FCA too on the theme of Legal issues affecting our institutions.

(d). Meeting on July 22nd Wednesday 2015 at Athma Dharshana, Aluva: The Executive body decided to give the KCMS proposals to KCBC for the approval.

(e).KCMS Executive Meeting on 12th September 2015: The KCMS Executive discussed and finalized the program for the closing Day  of Year of Consecrated Life

(f). KCMS Executive  Meeting on  13th October 2015 at KCMS Secretariat, Aluva: The  KCMS Executive  Meeting was held at  KCMS Secretariat, Aluva on 13th Oct 2015 at 10.30 pm and discussed the following.

         i.   Planning for the closing of ‘Year of Consecrated’.

        ii.   Discussed to release a Souvenir on this occasion.  It was decided that the Souvenir must contain the Annual report, activities report and Photos of the programs of KCMS and 25 CRI Local Units.

        iii.   Discussed about the Directory of the Kerala Religious.

         iv.   Discussed and designed the year plan for the year 2016- 2017.

(h). The KCMS Executive Meeting on 19th Oct 2015 at POC Palarivattom: The   Executive Meeting of  KCMS , POC officials and CRI Local Units  Executives  were  held on  19th October 2015 at POC Palarivattom.   Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikatt, POC Director welcomed the participants and Rev. Fr. Thomas Manjakunnel explained the purpose of the gathering. It was decided to have   a gathering of   Major superiors   on 25th November at POC to discuss the KCBC & KCMS   Action plan,  orientation program for the ‘ Year of mercy’ and   for planning of   the closing ceremony of Year of Consecrated. It was decided to release a Souvenir also, which includes the activities and reports of KCMS and Local CRI Units.


During the year 2015 -16, under the guidelines of the Chairperson of the commission,   Rev. Fr. Prasad Theruvath OCD, DCWF commission distributed Rupees 4,50,000 Lakhs as  scholarship  to  the 115 deserving  Dalit students .     


National CRI organized various programs in different regions. Most of our Major superiors took part in them.  145 Major superiors participated from Kerala in the 2015 National Assembly which was held at Bangalore.

7. Local Units

KCMS consist of 25 local units. These units function as an extended body of KCMS and help to build up the local Church.  Local units conduct seminars on ecclesiastical themes and current issues of the region for the transmission of Christian faith. Very often programs for local Superiors, religious and young religious too are conducted.

8. National CRI Team

KCMS proudly recalls and honours the eminent National CRI office bearers. KCMS extend hearty congratulations and prayers to the newly elected National Executive members Rev. Fr. Saji Mathew CST (Provincial CST Aluva), Mother Lucina CSC (Mother General CSC, Thrissur) and, Mother Smitha SD (Provincial Delhi).

9.   KCBC Commission for Religious

KCMS expresses our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to our Cardinals,   Archbishops and Bishops for their timely support and guidance.


No.                  programme                                                                                        Date

1.TDS and legal Aid session for the Provincials,

     Provincial finance officers,   Local Managers,

     School HM’s / Principals and School Accountants                                     12th Dec 2015.

2.Closing ceremony of the Year of Consecrated.                                           23rd Jan  2016

3.  Major Superiors’ one day Program                                                              January  2016

4.  Formators’ Meet                                                                                           February 2016

5.  Home Mission Program                                                                                March 2016

6.  General Body                                                                                               June 2016

7.  KCBC and KCMS                                                                                       June 2016

8.  CRI Units one day program                                                                         July 2016

9.  Nurses and Para Medicals                                                                            Aug 2016

10. Young Religious Meet                                                                                September 2016

11. School Teachers’ animation Program                                                          October 2016

12. Social Workers and special                                                                         November 2016

      Teachers’ Animation Program                                                                    

13. Local Superiors’ Animation                                                                        December 2016        







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DCWF Scholarship


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Legal Expenses


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Praise and glory to the Almighty for the innumerable blessings to KCMS. KCMS expresses its sincere gratitude to His Excellency Mar Joseph Perumthottam, Chairman KCBC Commission for Religious and also the Vice Chairmen. KCMS appreciates all Major superiors for their unconditional support   and generosity. We do remember with sincere gratitude Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, Director POC for his valuable cooperation and local CRI office bearers for their sincere efforts. KCMS is obliged to all our Executives for their encouragement, dedication and hard work.

Fr. Thomas Manjakunnel CMI