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Justice,Peace and Development Commission
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Abp. Thomas Mar Koorilos

Bp. Jose Porunnedom
Vice Chairman

Abp. Joseph Kalathiparambil
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. George Vettikattil

Fr. Micheal Vettickatt
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Thomas Tharayil
Joint Secretary

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Abp. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos
KSS Forum

Rev. Fr. George Vettikattil
KSS Forum

Bp. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios
Episcopal Advisor
Ecological Mission

Fr.Shaji Stephen O de M
Jesus Fraternity

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Theckanath

Rev. Fr. Roy Mathew Vadakkel
Care Homes & Special Schools

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Growing in to a vibrant resource centre of excellence in social work for the establishment of a just society.


Strengthening of the partner organizations through Animation, Training, Knowledge dissemination, Consultancy, Networking, Advocacy, Lobbying and Research.

The Thrust Area

The main thrust of KSS forum is the empowerment of the poor and marginalized through the awakening of critical thinking. The thrust areas are:

  1. Animation and Empowerment

  2. Capacity building of member societies through Training

  3. Environment regeneration

  4. Fishermen Development

  5. Information dissemination

  6. Net working

  7. Promotion of peoples organizations

  8. Social Research and Documentation

  9. Tribal Development

  10. Gender Development


Main Objectives

  1. Strengthen and professionalize partner organizations

  1. Facilitate the planning process of the partner organizations

  2. Exchange of ideas and experiences

  3. Strengthen the federations of community based organizations

  4. Net work with development actors

  5. Conduct quality training to address the social issues

  6. Provide consultancy services

  7. Initiate policy dialogue, advocacy and lobbying

  8. Conduct scientific studies and researches

  9. Inspire and encourage the application of science and technology in social work

  10. Develop new approaches in development

  11. Monitor and evaluate the activities of the partner organizations

  12. Declare solidarity to the struggles for social justice

  13. Facilitate democratization process through peoples participation

  14. Initiate and promote local resource mobilization


Kerala Social Service Forum

Organizational Profile

Kerala Social Service Forum (KSSF) is the official State level body of the Kerala Catholic Church for Social Apostolate. It comes under the operational jurisdiction of the Commission for Justice, Peace & Development of Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council. KSSF has been designated as the official network of 31 Diocesan Social Service Societies in Kerala for perspective building, knowledge sharing, co-ordination, capacity building and lobbying.  It is recognized as the Regional Forum of the Diocesan Social Service Societies in Kerala by Caritas India and Catholic Relief Services. 

Thematic area of intervention

  1. Agriculture
  2. Environment
  3. Gender
  4. Good Governance
  5. Micro Finance and Livelihood
  6. Fisheries
  7. Tribal

Report – December 2014  to  November  2015


1. Think Tank. A fifteen member Think Tank consisting of thematic experts including Chairman, Director and staff representative of KSSF, State officer Caritas India, was constituted for giving timely guidance to KSSF.


2.Thematic Position Papers: Under the guidance of Thematic experts  KSSF  developed  Position papers in 7  declared thematic areas in order to give directions to the  DSSS towards the  way forward viz.,  Environment, Agriculture, Good Governance, Gender, Micro Finance & Livelihood, Fisheries and Tribal. The document is published for future reference and planning by DSSS.


3. Dissemination workshop. KSSF conducted five regional level Workshops in order to give orientation to the Directors and Progarm officers of DSSS regarding the present development concerns of the thematic areas in Kerala Context.

4. Social Mainstreaming of Spinsters: KSSF initiated a Campaign for Empowering and Socially Mainstreaming of Spinsters in the State of Kerala.  Altogether 4939 Spinsters from all over the State are selected under this project from 26 DSSS. District level symposiums, formation of Spinsters SHGs , personality and skill development programs, legal aid support, promotion of IGP etc. are  the main programs.

5. Strengthening the networking partners: The project named “Strengthening the networking partners” is a State-level program.  The aim of the project is to equip the DSSS to foresee and plan their intervention strategies in the field of development for the coming five years. 

6. Promotion and protection of Child Rights: KSSF launched a new project during the year 2015 in collaboration with 28 DSSS. Interface meetings were organised in all the 14 Districts of Kerala with the support of Juvenile Justice Board, Child welfare committee, Child line, Police, School Principals, LSGIs, and various Government Departments etc.  Formation of Children’s clubs, Leadership training, Summer camps, Personality development and Group dynamics training, Carrier guidance, School parliament etc. are the other main program of this project. 

7. Family Farming : The ‘Haritha Varsham- 2014’  project designed by KSSF in collaboration with 30 DSSS reached out to 2,32,518 families all over Kerala . The selected best women farmers from 27 DSSS were honored by KSSF with the Best Women Family Farmer Award – 2015. All the DSSS took part in this massive movement and promoted organic farming in their respective areas.  

8. Disability inclusion under FARM Wayanad: FARM Program has also initiated meaningful intervention among persons with disability [PWDs]. The project is an attempt for elevating the overall status of 300 selected PWDs in Wayanad District through awareness generation, befriending, Income Generation Programs and empower the Poorest of the Poor PWDs through need based rehabilitation

9.Tsunami Decennial Remembrance: KSSF associated with Caritas India in the Decennial Remembrance of Tsunami at Pondichery on  5th & 6th March 2015.  35 persons from Kerala region headed by KSSF team participated in the event and presented a short narration of various replicable models and achievements of Kerala region such as WATSAN, Housing, relief and rehabilitation measures etc. which were  implemented as part of Tsunami rehabilitation. Two representatives from beneficiary families and Gramapanchayaths shared their experience of collaborating with Caritas India, KSSF and DSSS

10. International Women’s Day: Kerala Social Service Forum arranged a State level celebration of International Women’s Day on 4th March 2015 at Amos Centre Kottayam. The theme of the International Women’s Day 2015, “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity”  was projected and elaborated. Dr. Sheena Shukkur, Pro Vice Chancellor MG University lighted the lamp and inaugurated the event. Archbishop Thomas Mar Koorlose, Chairman, JPD Commission presided over the meeting.

11. World Environment Day Celebration: KSSF celebrated the World Environment Day in collaboration with Palai Social Welfare Society on 3rd June 2015 at St. Thomas Parish Hall Muttuchira. Mar Joseph Pallikkapparambil, Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Palai presided over the meeting.

12. Workshop on local & CSR fund mobilization: A workshop on local and CSR fund mobilization was organized for the Directors and Project officers of DSSS at Chaithanya, Thellakam on 22nd August 2015. 15 Directors, 9 Assistant Directors and 17 Project officers from 27 DSSS participated in the Workshop. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios, Bishop of  Muvattupuzha inaugurated the Workshop. Mr. Bineesh E.M. from Bangalore facilitated the session on “Local Fund Mobilization and CSR Funds”.

13. Training on Documentation Practices for Sustainable Development: KSSF organized a two days’ training onDocumentation Practices for Sustainable Development’ on 30th and 31st January 2015. This workshop was an effort to capacitate the documentation personnel of DSSS to develop and maintain effective documentation system. Mr. Sasikumar, Director CRD Nielshwaram and Mr. O J Deepak, IDSS, TVM were the resource persons. 37 participants from 28 DSSS attended the training.

14. Farmers Day Celebration: KSSF in collaboration with CHASS Changanacherry celebrated the Farmers’ day on   18th August 2015 at Marian Pilgrim Centre, Parel, Changanacherry. Archbishop Dr.Thomas Mar Koorlose, Chairman, JPD Commission presided over the meeting. Sri. C.F. Thomas MLA inaugurated the function.  Agriculture quiz, Agri-based competitions, Agriculture fest, Honoring the best family farming units, Food fest, Cultural events etc., were part of the celebration.

15. Capacity building program for the co ordinators of the child right project: Two days’ intensive ‘Capacity building’ program was conducted for the Co ordinators of the Child Right project on 12th & 13th August 2015 at AMOS Centre Kottayam. Archbishop Mar Joseph Pawathil (Bishop Emiritus) inaugurated the programme. Rev. Fr. George Vettikattil, Rev. Fr. Joseph Kalarikkal and Mr. Jobie Mathew addressed the participants. Mr. Thomas Wilson, Consultant trainer, Blue Point, TVM , Mrs. Resmi R, Legal cum Probation Officer DCPU Kottayam and Mrs. Babitha Jacob were the resource team 

16. Awards: Best Annual Report Award for DSSS was presented to KSSS, Kottayam. Best Women Family Farmer Awards – 2015 were presented to 27 women selected form DSSS. 

17. Lobbying : KSSF could effectively do  lobbying with NABARD, SHM, Kerala Agriculture University, Planning Board, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Kerala State Women Development Corporation, Centre for Development Studies , KASACS etc.

18. Documentation: ‘Dhaarin’, the consolidated report of the interventions of 29 DSSS for the year 2013-14 and the Annual Report of KSSF 2014-15 were published.

19. Publications:Veetumuttathoru poshakathottam’ - a handbook for Family Farming, ‘Vazhikatti ‘-a reference book for local resource mobilization, ‘Year planner- 2015’,  ‘Thematic position papers’ etc., were the main publications during the period.

20. AMOS Centre: Different NGOs, Faith based organizations, Kudumbasree, Information Kerala Mission, MG University,  DIET, SCERT etc., availed the service of AMOS centre, Kottayam in addition to own programs of KSSF.

21. Annual Governing & General Body Meetings: Annual Governing & General Body Meetings of KSSF was conducted on 8th June 2015 at AMOS Centre Kottayam. Archbishop Thomas Mar Koorlose, Chairman, JPD Commission presided over the meeting. Bishop Mar George Madathikandathil, Vice Chairman, JPD Commission inaugurated the AGB. An input session on Year of Soil was given by Dr. Sunny George, Director, SCMS Water Institute, Karukutty.

22. Best Practices: During the Annual General Body meeting the partner DSSS were given opportunity to present one of their best practices for mutual learning and sharing. It helped them to learn innovative development models developed by others.  


We wish to conclude this brief report by expressing our sincere gratitude to the Major Archbishops, Archbishops and all the Bishops of Kerala for their valuable guidance, collaboration and blessings.  


Major Programs for the coming Year


1.  Social Mainstreaming of Spinsters

  • Personality Development and Group Dynamics Training
    • Legal Aid Services
    • EDP training
    • Employment/Income Generation Program
    • Service Oriented Human Resource Development Training
    • Interface with Government and Line departments

2. Promotion of child right activities

  • Promotion of Children’s clubs:
  • Formation and Strengthening multi-tier federations
  • Personality Development and Group Dynamics Training
  • Interface / Sensitisation Programmes  for Government Officials
  • Life Skills
  • Sensitisation Programmes  for Government Officials    


3.  Capacity strengthening of the DSSS in Kerala for new innovations through documenting Best Practices and Participatory Action Research

  • Training on PAR to the core team
  • Development of Experimental and control Plot in 3 locations
  • Publication of  results of PoP; 
  • Data collection from 31 DSSS for documenting  Best Practices
  • Publication of Best Practices
  • Identification and deployment of 15 volunteers each in all the 31 DSSS for  local resource mobilization
  • Orientation for Volunteers

4.  Other programs

Action plan based on Laudato Si

Training to CBO leaders on organic farming input production

Advocacy & Lobbying activities

Management training to DSSS Directors

Capacity Building program for DSSS staff

Follow up training in documentation and local fund mobilization

Promotion of new technologies in waste management

Ashakiran cancer care program

Awards for best Women Entrepreneur

Award for Best Annual Report

Fr. George Vettikattil

Secretary JPD Commission &

Director, Kerala Social Service Forum



Financial Statement for the year 2014-15

Receipts & Payments Account





Opening balance


Local fund expenses


Local fund receipts


Capital Payments


Capital receipts


Earmarked Fund expenses


Earmarked fund receipts


Administrative & Other expenses




Income tax




Closing balance






Income & Expenditure Account





Local fund receipts


Local Fund expenses


Earmarked fund receipts


Other expenses


Excess of expenditure over Income


Earmarked Fund expenses




Depreciation for the year






Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2015

Sources of Fund


Application of Fund


Capital Fund


Fixed assets


Earmarked fund


Advances & Deposits


Gratuity Fund


Closing Balances


Corpus fund








Budget For the Financial year 2015-16





To Opening balances


By Local fund Expenses


To Project administration


By Capital payments


To Local Fund Receipts


By Earmarked Fund expenses


To Capital Receipts


By Other Expenses


To Earmarked Funds- FC








S/d                                                                                                     S/d

For Kerala Social Service Forum                                              For Raju.M. Kollavelil Co.          

Fr. George Vettikattil                                                                     CA Raju M. Kollavelil   

Executive Secretary                                                                         Chartered Accountant  



1. Introduction

Jesus Fraternity is a department under the Justice, Peace and Development Commission of KCBC and the uplift of the downtrodden is at the helm of this Ministry. It is meant especially for the brethren in Jails, the prisoners. It reaches out to their families and to the families of the victims of various crimes, violence and human atrocities and caters their less fortunate children. It was founded by a group of Seminarians- headed by  Varghese Karipery & and Francis Kodiyan in the year 1986.                       


Renew, Reform and Rehabilitate Prisoners and integrate them to the main stream of the society, thus make a better society, in the spirit of Jesus, an innocent prisoner who gave up His life for mankind who also told us “I was in prison you visited me” (Mt 25: 36).


The specific goal of this ministry is the overall welfare and integral development of prisoners and their families, their victims and their families with the hope for a crimeless and peaceful society, being at the greater service of God, holding high the sacrificial and compassionate love of Christ who died a criminal’s death.

Basic Principles

  • Fraternal bond is our strength
  • Our bank is providence of God
  • Inconvenience is our convenience
  • Sharing is our life style

2. Statistical Data

Dioceses – 31, Diocesan Directors – 31, Zones – 8, Units – 46,

Seminary Units – 8, Rehabilitation Centers – 14, 6 for children (4  

for girls + 2 for boys), 4 for women, and 4 for men

Number of inmates (approximately) – 120, Number of staff – 52

Number of Jails – 57

3. Zones

Jesus Fraternity has 8 zones. This is to render its services more effectively, uniformly and in a practical way all over the state of Kerala. The zones are as follows; Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode and Kannur.

 i. Activities in Prisons or Jails

          -  Regular prison visits

-   Liturgical celebrations

-  Cultural as well as literary programmes are organized under the leadership of the Zonal and Unit Directors.

-  Special celebrations are organized on days of National importance and those for the State and also on religious Festive days highlighting the importance of the day and exhorting the inmates to reflect and amend their attitude in their life.

-   Counselling programmes inside the Jails and Prisons once a week.

-  At times Yearly retreats are provided with the consent of the particular Prison or Jail authorities.

-   Legal aid to the inmates

-  Assistance is given to prison inmates depending on the need and urgency of the inmates for the construction of houses, education of children as well as the inmates and marriage of the children of prisoners who confront financial difficulties. These services have been offered in all prisons in Kerala.

ii. Zonal and Unit Meetings

Each Zone and Units meet regularly. The Zones meet once in a month in order to evaluate and discuss the present and future programmes offered in the particular Zone. Each Unit meets once a month.

iii. Children’s Summer Camp

Every year we conduct the “Snehopansana” (Children’s summer camp) for the children of prisoners and the children from the rehabilitation centres. This year we organized the camps in Trivandrum Trichur and Ernakulam. Many children participated and all were given study material for the new academic year.

  Aim of the camp

- Concentrates on the personality and leadership development of the children who are denied of the basic love and care and who are marginalised in the society.

-Distribution of study kit which contains note books, umbrella, lunch carrier and school bag for the new academic year and a sum of Rs. 500/- each in cash.

4. Rehabilitation Centres

Jesus Fraternity has 3 centres for the rehabilitation of the released male prisoners, 3 centres for the released female from prisoners, the street girls and the misused girls, and 7 centres for the education of the children of prisoners, children with delinquency and children with behavioural maladjustments. We take care of 88 children and 42 grownups through these 13 centres.

Aim of the centres

  • Rehabilitation of the prisoners
  • Reformation of the personality
  • Reintegration into their own families, and society.

ii. Marriages of the Inmates.

 iii. Family Settlement:

iv. Job Placement:

v. Departures from Centres

The Annual Day Celebration of Centres:

            The aim of this celebration is to make our benefactors and neighbours more aware of the need of this ministry and this also is the Day of thanksgiving.

5. Reports from the Seminaries: Jesus Fraternity as it has its origin in one of the Seminaries it is very much alive in the Seminaries. The involvement of the Seminarians is highly acclaimed by the Council of Bishops and their  Formators as it has formative value in the development of future Priests. At present 9 Major Seminaries have formally started Fraternity groups in the Seminaries and take an active part in the weekly visits to Prisons and organize the liturgical and other program inside.

            They also publish two literary works such as “Thadavarasangeetham” and “Pulari” every year.

6. Report from the State Office

The State wide ministry is co-ordinated and directed by the State Office situated in POC, the central office of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council. The State Office is in constant contact with the Dioceses, the religious orders, seminaries, local units, zones and the rehabilitation centres and with three Government Departments - of Prisons, Social Welfare and also the Police Department. It is the onus of the State Office to convene the various meetings of the Zonal Directors, Centre Directors State Executive and organize State level programs for volunteers and major events in prisons.

Major Events in 2014-15

The activities of Jesus Fraternity for the year 2015 commenced with a Diocesan Directors’ meet on Thursday 2nd February 2015 which was rather well attended. The presence of the Chairman Bishop and the POC Director enriched the meeting and discussion of its activities. The State gathering of Jesus Fraternity which falls every alternate year was hosted by the Kannur zone. It was conducted at the Ignatian Retreat Center Pariyaram from 28th to 30th April and was attended by participants from all Zones. The new Executive committee was formed and had its first gathering on 4th August  at Mount St.Thomas, Kakkanad.  There were Zonal gatherings at Kottayam, Trichur and Trivandrum on 12th May, 18th July and 17th October respectively and it helped to address certain issues regarding regular jail visits in those areas. The Seminary Director’s meet was held at POC on 7th July 2015. State - wise Fraternity day celebration was hosted by Bathery Diocese and was held at St.Thomas Malankara Catholic church, Mananthawady on Sunday 9th August 2015.

There is an Educational Endowment Fund in the name of late Rev. Fr. Paul Akkara CMI, who was an active member of Jesus fraternity and Director of Trichur Zone. The interest of the Corpus fund has been distributed for the educational purpose of the children of Prisoners.

‘Vimochanam’, the quarterly official news Bulletin of Jesus Fraternity, has been published regularly. Every issue deals with a particular topic which is the uniqueness of this magazine that differentiates from other publications.

7.  Fraternity Day Celebration

August 14th, the feast day of St. Maximilian Kolbe, the patron saint of prisoners, is celebrated as Fraternity Day. On August 9th a circular of Bishop Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos, the Chairman of Jesus Fraternity, was read in all Parishes and the same day’s collection is contributed for Prison ministry. This year the state level celebration was organised by Bathery Diocese and the celebration was held at St.Thomas Malankara Catholic church, Mananthawady on Sunday 9th August 2015. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, Bishop of Bathery celebrated the holy mass and   presided over the meeting after the Holy Eucharist.

8. Future Plan

 In the year 2016 we plan to celebrate the ‘year of mercy’ and the thirtieth year of Jesus fraternity in a more meaningful way. We will concentrate in rekindling the spirit in every walk of this ministry. This year we will seriously think and choke out an action plan for preventing crime especially crime due to  the use of drugs and alcohol, for campaign against the cyber crimes and also for continuing the conduct of  awareness program among people of various age group specially targeting the youth.

9. Financial Report

Sources of income  

   Contributions from Dioceses                               

   Contributions from Religious Congregations

   Regular benefactors

   One time donations from individuals

   Subscription of Vimochanam

   Share from the National Office

   Interest from the bank

   Sale of Books & articles

Total Income of Snehasramam Society:Rs. 89179500/-


Publishing of  bi-monthly

          Publishing of Books & other printings

            Postal expenses

            Travelling expense

            Vehicle maintenance

            Telephone & internet


Children’s camp

Helping 13 centres

Education help of children

Office & stationary expense

Executive & State Meetings

Training programmes

Get- together of centres

Bank charges & miscellaneous

Silver Jubilee


Total Expenditure 2014-15:                       Rs. 61015781/-


A short Budget for next year


Donation :                               10,10,000/-

Agriculture Income:    1,25,000/-

Interest:                                   18,000/-

Sale of articles:                        30,000/-

Vimochanam publication: 1000/-

Rent:                                       18,000/-                                        

 Total Rs.120250000/-                            



Travelling:                                           43,000/-

Mess expense:                         2,50,000/-

Printing stationary:                              45,000/-

Medical expenses:                               20,000/-

Agricultural:                            35,000/-

Postage and telephone:                       63,000/-

Salary and allowances:                        1,75,000/-

Renewal and rehabilitation:    2,25,000/-

Repairs and maintenance:       1,00,000/-

Marriage expense :                              50,000/-

Vimochanam publication:       52,000/-

Festivals celebrations:             50,000/- 

State celebration:                                30,000/-                   

                                                        Total  Rs.1138000.00/-

9. Conclusion

As I conclude the report, I would like to express our sincere thanks:

-           to Dr.Thomas Mar Koorilos, the Chairman, Vice Chairman Mar George Madathikkandathil and other  Commission Member Rt. Rev. Dr. Sylvester Ponnumuthen for their constant guidance, support and encouragement.

-to the  Director and staff of P.O.C for their loving support fraternal care.

-to Rev. Fathers, Sisters, Seminarians and Laity who are the real heart and soul of this Ministry across the State for their sacrifice, unfading enthusiasm and love for the Lord, and the cooperation they extend to each other, supporting and strengthening one another in this most difficult, challenging and noble ministry.

-to our hundreds of  benefactors and sponsors from all walks of  life who strengthen and enable us to go ahead with confidence and courage serving the people of God in Prisons and also for the other persons helping with their generous and solid donations and contributions.

          Last but not the least, a spate of thanks to the Founder Fathers and the former Directors who are always willing to help in all the activities of Jesus Fraternity.                                                                                                                                                          

Fr.Yesudas Kodiveetil

State Director, Jesus Fraternity 


A Helpline for Drivers

                             Sarathi is a voluntary organization under Justice, Peace and Development Commission of Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council, which aims at the integral development of the Txi and Auto drivers in Kerala. It is the dynamic response of the Catholic Church of Kerala to involve in the life situations of Taxi and Auto drivers in order to make them promoters of justice, peace and development in the society.

Arch Bishop  His Grace Thomas Mar Koorilos is the Chairman of Sarathi.Other Com