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Media Commission
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Bp. Sebastian Thekethecheril

Bp. Mar Joseph Pandarasseril
Vice Chairman

Bp. Mar Pauly Kannookadan
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken

Fr.Jimmy Poochakkatt
Joint Secretary

Dr. Abraham Joseph
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Milton Kalapurakal
Joint Secretary

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Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken
Regional Director
Vatican Radio

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KCBC Media Commission came to its existence in the year 1976. In the beginning the media commission focused on various training programmes in POC and in other Diocesan centres in view of building a resource team for media. Later the Commission was engaged in several activities to promote the Catholic presence in the media World. From 1993 onwards the Commission office functions as the regional office of Vatican Radio Malayalam section. A monthly called Vathikan Tharangam  with the message and other activities of Pope is printed and published from this office which is circulated in almost all the Parish Churches and Dioceses in Kerala.  KCBC Media Commission works under the Catholic Bishop’s Council of Kerala with Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril as the Chairman and  Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas and Mar. Jose Puthenveetil as the Vice Chairmen. 


A brief report of the activities of the Commission during the last year is given below. 

  1. Media Direcotrs’ meeting:  An annual meeting of the Directors from all the Dioceses was conducted in POC. Directors and representatives from most of the Dioceses participated in the meeting. An action plan for the Dioceses as well as for the Commission was discussed and planned. The Chairman Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril and both Vice Chairmen Bishop Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas and. Bishop Mar Jose Puthenveetil attended the meeting.
  2. National level training: A national level of training was conducted in POC as a joint venture of KCBC Media Commission and CBCI office for Social Communication.  Rev. Fr. George Plathottam, the then Secretary of the National office took the leadership and representatives from other States also participated the training programme.
  3. KCBC Media Awards: Every year KCBC Media commission honours the talented dignitaries in various media field. Application forms were sent to two hundred selected persons all over Kerala including all the Bishops and Media Directors of the Dioceses. A panel of Jury short listed the eligible candidates and in consultation with Commission Chairman and the POC Director the Media Award winners were selected.  This year Mr. Varghese Ankamaly was awarded with Sahithya Award, Sri. Lal Jose was honoured with Media Award; Mr. Abhilash Frazer was given the Yuva – Prathibha Award. Rev. Dr. Chacko Puthenpurackal  was given the Vynjananika Award. Prof. P.C. Thomas, Rev. Fr. Joseph Nechikkat, Rev. Fr. Michael Panackal, Dr. Jancy James and Dr. Anniyil Tharakan were given Guru Pooja Puraskar. On 7 June 2015, on the ‘Media day’ a public meeting was held in POC and Commission Chairman distributed the Awards.
  4. Theatre workshop: This year in collaboration with Jesus Youth Media commission organized a theatre workshop. 50 Youth from all over Kerala attended the Theatre camp. Commission Chairman inaugurated the camp and theatre professionals like Mr. Leo Thadeus and Joseph Nellikkal, and other experts led the Camp.
  5. Regional Communication Day: After the decision of II Vatican Council, universal Church dedicates one day for the World Communication day.  This year Kerala Church celebrated the World Communication Day on 7th June. The message of the Holy Father was circulated to all the Parishes through the Diocesan media Directors. The Culture of sharing in the Family was the theme of the year. In the public meeting conducted in POC Auditorium, the Media awards were distributed. A stage programme – Monks of Thiberin – by Lumen Youth was staged after the meeting
  6. Religious Artists Meeting: Religious artists’ meeting was conducted in POC on 9th July 2015. In order to promote the Religious artists. In connection with the Religious year the forum discussed about the possible reunions of religious artists who could be a part of the main stream of the Church. There arose a suggestion to have a get-together of all the religious artists from all over the State. 
  7. Media Forum: An assembly of the Catholic media workers was conducted in POC on 11th August 2015. Chairman Bishop inaugurated the session and Vice Chairmen Bishops also attended the gathering. ‘How to make the Catholic presence visible in the media world’ was discussed in the session.
  8. Krals 2015: An Art camp for the Religious was organized in Athirappilly in view of promoting the spirit of ‘Laudato Si’. The Religious artists from various places participated in the camp with their creative art works.  Love of Nature and Eco Spirituality were the main thrust of the Camp and an Exhibition of the paintings will be conducted in Dharbar Hall later.
  9. Writers Forum: A gathering of the Catholic Writers and Publishers was organized by the Media commission. Chairman Bishops attended the meeting and prominent writers shared their views and suggested for a Writers’ camp which is to be organized by the Commission in the forthcoming months.
  10. Drama Festival: As in the other years, 29th Drama festival was conducted in POC Auditorium from 17th September to 29th September. The scripts from the drama troupes were invited and from 30 entries 12 Dramas were selected after the scrutiny. Social dramas as well as Bible dramas were performed with the view to promote Social and Biblical values. This year the judging panel was Prof. Chandradasan, Rev. Fr. Dai Kunnath and Film Director Leo Thadeus. Sopana Sngheetham athava Kottipadi Seva by Aksharakala Trivandrum was selected as the best Drama and Kuzhiyanakal by Kollam Avishkara, Neethidsagaram by Amala kanjirappilly, Narangamitayi by Malayalnadakevedi, Katha Parayunna veedu by Trissur Nadakavedi were awarded “A grade”.
  11. Diocesan Directors Conference: Diocesan Directors’ Conference was conducted in POC under the presidency of Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril. The Directors shared their views regarding the future plan of the Commission and the activities of the Dioceses.


Vatican Radio Regional Office

Media commission office functions as the regional office of the Vatican Radio since 1990. Every month a magazine called ‘Vathikan Tharangam’ with all the latest news from Vatican and universal Church is published and circulated all over. The current circulation of the magazine is 5000.

Future Plans:

Writers Forum: KCBC Media Commission plans for an All Kerala Literary Writers Forum. This is in view of protecting the rights of Writers who are supposed to be the well wishers of the society and the trend setters of the culture.

Art camp for School Children

During the summer holidays this year, we plan for a residential art Camp for school children. Art exhibition is also planned which could be conducted in Art Gallery Ernakulam.

Literature camp for Youth: In order to find out and promote the young Writers, a workshop and training is scheduled for the youth.

Catholic Writers and Publishers: Media commission is planning to bring all the catholic writers and Publishers under one roof. One website is planned where all those articles and books and even CD could be available.

Media Training for Religious: In order to train the Religious in the field of new media, training is planned during the summer holidays.

Fr. Jolly Vadakken

Secretary, KCBC Media Commission