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Abp. Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam

Bp. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom
Vice Chairman

Abp. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt

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Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD
Pastoral Training Institute

Fr. Stanley Mathirappilly
Chief Editor
Talent Publication Society

Rev. Dr. George Kurukkur
General Editor
POC Publishing House

Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt

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Pastoral Orientation Centre is the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council. It was blessed by His Eminence Maxmillian Cardinal de Furstenburg on 19 February 1968. The POC is the common centre of pastoral leadership and the abode of the three ritual Churches - the Latin, the Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara - in Kerala.

The mission of the POC is to empower the Church in Kerala for a renewed and committed Christian life and witness. It is realized through proper conscientisation and co-ordination of activities of various Commissions and Departments by regional pastoral assessment, communication and formation in leadership, evangelization, ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, social commitment with special emphasis on publications of value based education, Bible and regional translation of the official documents of the Apostolic See etc. The POC strives to provide proper orientation to the different Catholic organizations in the new evangelization for the transmission of Christian Faith in Kerala. These activities and initiatives are based on the Gospel of Jesus, to serve in truth and love, relevantly restated by the Second Vatican Council.



The Centre functions through its various Departments:

        i. Pastoral Training Institute (PTI) 
        ii. POC Publishing House
        iii. Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT )
        iv. Talent Publications Society 

        i. Kerala Conference of Major Superiors (KCMS)

        i. Kerala Catholic Bible Society 

        i. Vatican Radio 

        i. Pro-Life Samithy 
        ii. Marian Singles 

        i. Kerala Catholic Federation (KCF) 


        i. Kerala Catholic Students League [KCSL]


        i. Kerala Catholic Youth Movement [KCYM]
        ii. Christian Life Communities (CLC)

        i. Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) 
        ii.Kerala Catholic Industrial Training Institutes’ Management Association (CITIMA)

        i. Kerala Social service Forum (KSS Forum)
        ii. Jesus Fraternity (Prison Ministry) 
        iii. Sarathi (A helpline for Auto Drivers) 
        iv. Care Homes & Special Schools

13. COMMISSION FOR SC/ST/BC (Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes/Backward Communities)
        i. Dalit Catholic Mahajana Sabha (DCMS)



        i. Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), Kerala 

        ii. Cherupusha Mission League [CML]

        i. Kerala Service Team
        ii Jesus youth Kerala




The Staff Members

Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt
Deputy Secretary & Spokesperson KCBC/ Director, POC

Rev. Dr. George Kurukkoor
Asst. Director POC/ General Editor of POC Publications

Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD
Prefect of Studies, PTI

Rev. Fr. Johnson Puthussery CST
Secretary, KCBC Bible Commission, Bible Society

Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken
Secretary, KCBC Media Commission

Rev. Fr. Shaji Stephen O de M
Director, Jesus Fraternity

Rev. Fr. Stanley Mathirappilly
Chief Editor, Talent & Secretary, Theology Commission

Rev. Fr. Simon Palluppetta
Executive Director, Health Commission/CHAI
Secretary, Health Commission

Rev. Fr. Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil OIC
Secretary, KCBC Youth Commission/Director, KCYM

Rev. Fr. Jose Karivelickal
Secretary, KCBC Education Commission

Rev. Fr. Saju Kuthodiputhenpurayil CST
Secretary, KCBC Social Harmony & Vigilence Commission

Rev. Fr. Paul Madassery
Secretary, KCBC Family Commission

Rev. Fr. Thomson Pazhayachirapeedikayil
State Director, Kerala Catholic Students’ League

Rev. Fr. Joshy Mayyattil
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Rev. Fr. Abraham Pezhumkattil
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Rev. Fr. Antony Tharekadavil
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kuttianickal
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Rev. Fr. Jacob Prasad
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Rev. Fr. Joseph Thondiparambil
Bible Revision Core Team Member

Sr. Beena Thomas MSST - House Manager 
Sr. Tresa SMdC - Receptionist
Sr. Beatrice ASC - Financial Administrator
Sr. Gladys OSS - Secretary, Director’s Office
Sr. Soja Martin MSST - Chapel
Sr. Anupama OSS - Librarian
Sr. Agnes George CTC - Office Secretary, Bible Commission
    Treasurer, Bible Society
Sr. Glancy ASA - Jesus Fraternity
Sr. Anice SKD - Office Secretary, Labour Commission
Mr. A. J. Alocious - Chief Accountant
Mr. G. Joy - Office Manager
Mr. Antony Chadayammury - Associate Editor, Talent
Mr. Manu Thomas - Bible Society
Mr. Cherian Thomas - House Keeper
Mr. Nilbin Dominic - Driver
Mr. James George - Watchman
Mrs. Ammini Francis - Secretary, Director’s Office
Mrs. Anie Joseph - Office Secretary, Media Commission
Mrs. Anu Michael - Bible Commission
Mrs. Elsa Joseph - Secretary, Family Commission
Mrs. Elsy Antony - KCSL
Mrs. Leenu Kuriakose - Bible Society
Mrs. Liby Sunil - Talent Office Secretary 
Mrs. Sneha Shinjith - Health Commission/CHAI
Mrs. Mercy Antony - Office Secretary, Education Office
Mrs. Sani Vinu - Bursar Assistant 
Mrs. Tersita Cleetus - Bible Correspondence Course
Mrs. Vimala Shaji - Office Secretary, Social Harmony & Vigilance Commission
Mrs. Ambika - Auxiliary Staff
Ms. Cloudy - Auxiliary Staff
Mrs. Jamuna Palaka - Auxiliary Staff
Mrs.Jessy - Auxiliary Staff 
Ms. Jyoti Karado - Auxiliary Staff 
Mrs. Kanakamma - Auxiliary Staff 
Ms. Mary Antony - Auxiliary Staff 
Ms. Sunitha Manjhi - Auxiliary Staff
Mrs.Tejaspani Ranasing - Auxiliary Staff
Mrs. Tresa Martin - Auxiliary Staff
Mrs. Verony Peter - Auxiliary Staff


The Pastoral Training Institute is the training Department of the Pastoral Orientation Centre, the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC). The Institute co-ordinates various training programmes or4ganised by the POC. It offers diverse courses, seminars and other programmes for Laity, Religious and Priests. The goal of the courses offered by the PTI is to provide an Orientation as well as integral formation to faithful to deepen their faith and handing over the faith in an effective way in their local context. The PTI offers a platform for the faithful from three ritual Churches to come together, discuss, study and imbibe the teachings of the Church there by enthusiastically involve in the various apostolic ministries of the Church. The Pastoral Training Institute (PTI) of the POC conducted the following Courses and Seminars and other activities during the reporting year.

Courses and Seminars 
1) Witnesses of Mercy course
POC has designed a “ Pastoral Course on Mission named as ‘WITNESSES OF MERY’ ”. The vision is to impart a systematic theological formation and training for those who have evangelical and missionary spirit so as to equip them for the varied ministries in the church. The complete modules of the course are i) Baptism and mission ii) Charism and Mission, iii) Mission iv) Process of evangelization and new evangelization and Home mission experience in the parish v) Mission experience and proclamation of Kerygma in a mission place vi) Missionary leadership models

a) Third Batch of “witnesses of mercy course”. 
Witnesses of Mercy course - Ind session
The first session of the Pastoral course on mission was inaugurated by Mar Jose Puthenveettil, Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulam- Ankamaly Arch-diocese. The duration of the first gathering was from 27thto 17th February of 2018. The theme of the session was Baptism and Mission. Rev.Frs.Varghese Vallikkatt, Dr.Joshy Mayyattil, Dr.Stanly mathirappilly, Dr.Antony Narikulam, Dr.Gregory Arby, Dr. Joyce kaithakottil, Dr.Joseph Marottikkaparambil, Dr. Jacob Palliparambil, Dr.Roldent Jacob led the sessions. Through the classes, dynamics, prayer sessions the group was initiated into theme of the course mission and Evangalization.

Witnesses of Mercy course- 2nd session 
The second session of the ‘Evangelical Pastoral training on Mission’ was conducted from 19th 24th March, 2018. The theme of study of the session was ‘Charisms and Mission’. Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev.Dr.Sebastine, Rev,Dr.Joseph Thondiparambil, Rev. Fr. Joseph Marottiparambil, Rev. Fr. Antony Ponvelil and Rev.Dr.Stanly Mathirappally led the input sessions. Sr.Nirmal Jyothi and team guided the workshop on Charisms. The sessions were mixed with group sharings, prayer sessions, visual presentations, group dynamics, workshops, cultural programmes. They all actively participated in daily Holy mass, adoration, personal prayer and rosary.

Witnesses of Mercy course -3rd session
The third session of the Witnesses of Mercy course was held at POC from 16th to 20th April 2018. The theme of input for the 3rd session was Evangelization. Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev. Dr. Jacob Palliparambil, Rev. Dr. Johnson Puthussery, Dr. Gregory Arbey, Rev. Rajive Michael OCD, Dr.Prasad Theruvathu OCD, Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken and Rev. Dr. Joseph Thondiparambil were the resource person on the main theme. Rev. Fr. Dayi Kunnath MST led sessions on Theatre workshop. Adv. Charley Paul led a session on Oratoy. In addition to the input sessions, there was regular Holy mass, rosary, adoration, personal prayer, practice of oration, group sharing, group dynamics, Lexio Divina, Carmelite prayer, Taize prayer, evaluation of daily programmes etc.

Witnesses of Mercy, 4th session
The fourth session of Witnesses of Mercy course was conducted from18th June to 23rd June at the Christ the King Church, Elavumthata, Punalur Diocese. Rt.Rev.Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan celebrated the inaugural Massand welcomed everyone His Excellency led the first session Evangalization The group was given input sessions in the morning. In the afternoon they visited families in the parish in a team of two each. In the evenings the whole parishners were given retreat under the leadership of the group. There were separate sessions for the children and the elders. The members of the group stayed with various families in the parish. The input sessions were lead by Rev Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Director POC, Very Rev.Msgn.Vincent S. D’Cruz and Rev. Fr.Varghese Clement,. Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD co ordinated the whole programme along with Rev.Fr.Varghese Clement, the Parish Priest. 

Witnesses of Mercy 5th session 

The fifth session of Witnesses of Mercy course was held from 13th to 17th August 2018 at POC. The main theme of the final session was ‘Missionary leadership’. The resource persons were Rev.Fr. Jolly Vadakken, Rev. Dr. Stanly Mathirappilly, Rev Dr. Sebastian Kuttianickal, Rev. Dr. Rajiv Michael and Mr. K K Joseph. There were also testimonies of Theruvoram Murughan, Mr. Judson of Sehion Ministry and Mr. Peter who are outstanding Mercy activists in Ernakulam. In addition to the input sessions, there was regular Holy mass, rosary, adoration, personal prayer, group sharing and group dynamics.

Witnesses of Mercy course Final session

The final session of the course was a mission trip to New Delhi and Haryana. It was from 17to 28th September 2018. An introductory session was given to the group on 17th September at POC. Journey to the Mission centre started in the evening after the introductory talk and preparatory Holy mass. The Santwana Mission Community in New Delhi hosted the group. They arranged input sessions and prepared the group for mission. They also arranged food and accommodation. For two days the group stayed with the Santvana team. The remaining days were spent in visiting the Samalga village in Bazhada, The group was divided in teams for the mission outreach. There were input sessions in between. The participants described the experience in the village as a unique mission exposure and a land mark in their Christian life. It created a missionary zeal and also opened the scope of missionary work in Indian villages. After spending eight full days in the north, the group started journey back on 27th September with heartfelt memories of life experience with a people of different culture, different back ground and different life situations- entirely different from our own. It was a wonderful missionary journey for all.

Cerificate destribution of the third batch of Witnesses of Mercy

The certificate distribution ceremony of third batch of Witnesses of Mercy course was conducted in the evening of 30th October 2018. Rt.Rev.Dr. Joseph Karrikkassery, Kottapuram Diocese inaugurated the function. Rev.Fr.Shibu Xavier welcomed everyone. Rev,Fr,Varghese Vallikkaat presided over. His Excellency, Rt..Rev.Dr. Joseph Karrikkassry falicitated the participants and the certificates were distributed. All the participants had the chance to share their experiences and chalked out the future plans. Rev.Sr. Treasa SH shared her beautiful experiences and thanked everyone.

B) The fourth batch of witnesses of mercy course.
The fourth batch of the witnesses of mercy, pastoral course on Mission commenced on the month of October with thirty three participants. The course was inaugurated by Rt.Rev.Dr. Joseph Karrikkassery, Bishop of Kottapuram Diocese. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Director of POC presided over the inaugural function. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD, Fr. Raymond Pallan, Mr. Shibu Joseph spoke in the inaugural function. As a permanent arrangement for the six months duration, the participants were divided into five groups. For each group one Priest from POC was appointed as a spiritual guide with whom each group sat together frequently. Rev. Fr. Raymond Pallan of Verapoly Arch-Diocese is the Spiritual father for the whole of the programme. In addition to the input sessions, there were regular Holy mass, Rosary, Adoration, Personal prayer, Group sharing, Group dynamics, evaluation of daily programmes etc.There were some sessions together with the POC fathers after supper. A team consisting of members like Mr. K K Joseph, Mr. Shibu Joseph, Mrs. Jancy Jacob, Mr.Chacko Joseph, Mrs Sheeja support the missionary formation.

Witnesses of Mercy course Ist session
The first session of the Evangelical course on mission 29th October to Nov.2 of 2018. .. The theme of the session was Baptism and Mission. Rev.Frs.Varghese Vallikkatt, Dr.Joshy Mayyattil, Dr.Stanly mathirappilly, Dr.Gregory Arby, Dr. Antonytharekadavil, Dr.Jacob Palliparambil OCD, Dr.Joseph Marottikkaparambil, Dr.Mathew Jacob, Dr.Rajive Michael led the sessions. They were initiated into the theme of baptism.

Witnesses of Mercy course 2nd session 

The second session of the ‘Evangelical Pastoral training on Mission’ was conducted from Nov 26rd to 1st December 2018.. The theme of study of the session was ‘Charisms and Mission’. Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev. Dr.Francis Pittapaallil, Rev. Fr. Joseph Marottiparambil, Rev. Dr.Rajive Michael, led the input sessions. Rev.Sr.Nirmal MSMI and team conducted the charism workshop.The sessions were mixed with group sharings, prayer sessions, visual presentations, group dynamics, workshops, cultural programmes. They all actively participated in daily Holy mass, adoration, personal prayer and rosary.

2. Witness and Vigilance Seminars
Pastoral Orientation Centre conducted six seminars on the topic “witness and vigilance” at the regional levels for the pastoral council members. It was a serious deliberation made by the secretariat to discuss about the present situation of the pastoral witness of the Kerala Church. It was conducted at Kozhikode on 17 the December, Trichur on November 2017, Kottayam December 16th 2017, Trivandrum on April 13, 2018 and Ernakulum June 23, 2018.. The participation of all the bishops throughout the seminar added colour to the intervention. Pastoral Training Institute played an active role in the organising the workshops. The Vicar Generals of each dioceses were the chief coordinating team. The main speakers of the seminar were Dr.Jacob Punnose IPS, Mrs Lida Jacob IAS, Mr.Cyriac Joseph, Mr.Shaji George and Dr.Mary Rageena. They spoke loudly about the topic witness and vigilance. In the past how the church was giving a witnessing life and how it was vigilant. The modern scenario, the church has to be more careful in giving witness because the church is being cornered by media and others. The church need to be more vigilant today and lead a graceful witnessing life.

3. One day seminar on the “Encyclical Gaudete et Exsultate”
Seminar on the Encyclical Gaudete et Excultate was conducted in association with the theology commission on the 2nd of June 2018. The seminar was inaugurated by His Grace, Rev,Dr.James Anaparambil, Bishop of Alleppey. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt presided over the meeting and Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD, dean of studies welcomed everyone. Rev. Fr Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev. Dr.Stanly Mathirappaally, Rev.Dr.Mathai Kadavil and Rev.Dr. Jacob Naluparayil led the various sessions. There were around five hundred participants comprising of priests, religious and laity.

4.Three day workshop on the ‘Encyclical Gaudete et Exsultate’
A three day workshop on the “Encyclical Gaudete et Excultate” was conducted in POC, 13to 15 June, 2018. Rt.Rev.Dr.Francis Kallarackal inaugurated the session and Rev.Fr.Vaarghese vallikkatt, presided over. Rev.Dr.Stanly Mathirappally welcomed everone and Fr.Shibu Xavier, Dean of Studies proposed the vote of Thanks. The topics were presented by various experts namely, Rev.Fr.Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev. Fr. Jacob Naluparayil,Rev.Dr.Sebastine Kuttiyakkal, Rev.Dr. Mathai Kadavil, Rev.Dr. Jolly Karrimbil, Rev.Dr.Jacob Prasad, Rev.Dr.Augustine Mullor, Rev.Dr.Joshy Mayyattil, Rev.Dr. Johnson Puthussery and rev.Dr.Jolly Vadacken. Around hundred persons participated in the seminar including priests and religious.

5) Formative Refresher workshop
Pastoral Training Institute conducted Formative Refresher workshop for formators and Youth animators. It was open to priests and religious. It was a unique formation programme conducted in the context of the youth synod as well as the formation directives given by the CBCI to all regions. It was a ten days intensive workshop. The major objectives of the trainings were to impart knowledge and skills in the areas of formation and animation of youth teens, candidates etc. and also to enhance personal growth as well as improved performance in formator and animator ministries.
The topics of the formative course were Biblical dimensions of formation, Human Development and formation, psycho-cultural aspects of formation, mental health in formation, psycho-sexual integration, counseling skills in formation, psycho-spiritual dimensions of fornmation, spiritual direction and Vocational discernment in formation.
The resource persons were Dr.Rajive Michael ocd, Dr.Berni OFM, Fr.Varghese Vallikkatt, Dr. Joshy Mayyattil, Manoj Sunny, C. C.Joseph and Fr.Jolly Vadacken

6. Workshop on personal Growth and development
It was a ten days workshop on unique self development and life skills training programmeit was a package of three mutually related modules, counseling, Transactional analysis and Neuro-lingusitic Programming. The objective of the training was to impart knowledge as well as hands on training in Counselling, to enhance self awareness and sharpen skills for better self adjustment and social adaptation aimed at improved performance in various life roles. The topics of discussion were counseling, counseling techniques, transactional analysis, Neuro-Lingusitic programme, self awareness, self esteem, assertiveness, stress management, anger management, communication skills, managing problems of youth, teenage and children.

7. Psychological Training for enhancing the mental health of the flood affected People.
The Pastoral training Institute in association with San Pio Psychological Institute, Kollam conducted a psychological Workshop for enhancing the mental health of the flood affected People in the context of the flood disaster that occurred in Kerela. It was conducted on the 1st Of September 2018. Around hundred people participated in the training. The training was coordinated by Rev.Dr.Berni OFM and team. Further interventions were done in association with Rev.Dr.Rajive Michael OCD. The traineers visited various places like Aluva, Koonamvu, Pizhala, Cheriyanthuruthu etc and provided psychologiocal support with the help professional Doctors and Nurses.

8. Psychological support and Intervention in the schools of Flood affected area
Pastoral Training Institute conducted a special training for students who attend one year Saturday psychology class on the 16th of September in association with Jyothir Bhavan Institute, Kalamassery and continuing the school centered counseling support to the schools. In collaboration with Dr.Rajive Miachael OCD and Rev.Dr.Boby OCD they visit the schools every month as a team of thirty to forty people, they conduct group work and individual couselling. They provide motivational classes as well as continued support. They have intervened in the schools of Koonammavu, Panayikulam, Varapuzha, Manjummel etc.

9. Psycho-Spiritual training for participants of the “witnesses and mercy Course”, pastoral course on Mission
A special training for the participants of the witnesses of Mercy Course, pasrtoral Course on Mission was arranged in POC. Thirty participants of the three batches of the witnesses of Mercy course came together for the training . From 15 to 18 September we visited an Island called Cheriyanthuruthu, in the Diocese of Varapuzha. We visited all the houses in that area irrespective caste, creed and religion. We had intercession for the people before the Eucharistic Lord. Dr.Rajive Michael OCD supported us in this new initiative. Fr.Shibu Xavier OCD coordinated the programme.

10. one year Psychology course
The one year Psychology course (Saturday batch) was inaugurated by Mar Jose Puthenveetil, Auxilary Bishop of Ernakulam- Angamali Arch-Diocese on 30th June 2018.. Rev. fr.VargheseVallikkatt presided over the function. Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD delivered welcome speech. Mr. Jithin and Mr.John Paul spoke. Mr.Kiran delivered vote of thanks. The course focus on varied topics like mental health, basic psychology, counseling, psychopathology, life skills, REBT, NLP, Transactional analysis, etc. various experts in the field lead the sessions.

Other programmes and activities

1. New Year celebration
The thanks giving prayer and the New Year celebration was started with and Adoration lead by our residential Sisters. Midnight mass was offered by Rev.Fr.Varghese Vallikkatt as main celebrant. In addition to the POC staff, the neighbours and some members of religious congregations close to POC participated in the liturgy and celebrations. The New Year was welcomed with crackers and illuminations. The group exchanged greetings each other and cakes and sweets added the joy of the day.

2. POC staff picnic
July 24th was a day for enjoyment and relaxation for the POC family. The staff went for a relaxation Trip. The POC family visited Athirampilly and Vazhachal water falls. Rev.Frs.Shibu Xavier, Dr. Stanly Mathirappilly and Fr.Jolly Vadacken coordinated the trip. The tour was helpful to create community feeling, mutual bond and unity among the staff together with the enjoyment of sight-seeing.

3. Certificate distribution of Psychology course
The farewell function of the one year Psychology batch (Saturday) was held on 24th March 2018. The Arch Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarackal inaugurated the function and distributed the certificates. Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD delivered welcome speech. Rev Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Director POC presided over the function. Mr.Kiran spoke in the function. The meeting was enriched by the ‘feed back’ session and entertainment programmes of the students. 

4. KCBC- Fr.Mathew Nadackal Catechism Teachers’ Award
KCBC- Fr.Mathew Nadackal Catechism Teachers’ Award 2017 was conducted on the 4 of December 2018 at POC. The function was organized by the Pastoral Training Institute at POC. The three outstanding teachers who received the award were Mr.Mathew C.M ( Palakkad, Syro-Malabar) Mr.S.K.Alex (Kollam, Latin) and Mr.Thankarajan L (Mavilikkara, Syro- Malankara). The award distribution was done by Most. Rev.Dr. Soosa pakkim, President, KCBC in the presence of all the Bishops. Rev. Fr.Varghese Vallikkatt and Rev.Fr.Shibu Xavier OCD addressed the assembly.

5. Preparation of Moral Science ( Value education) Malayalam series Text Books.
In continuation of the Publication of the English Text book series (Life Is beautiful), a new committee consisting of Rev.Fr.Varghese Vallikkatt, Rev.Fr.george Kurukkoor, Rev. Jolly Vadackan, Rev.Fr. Stanly Mathirappally, Fr.Shibu Xavier, Mr.Sippi Pallipuram, Mr.Sunny Kokkappailly, Sri. Primus Perichery, Mr.Unni amayambalm, Mr.Shaji Malippara, Mr.Shiju Achandy, Mr.Vinayak nirmal, Mr. Simichan, Mr.Edward Edehath, Mrs. Kochurani and mrs.Alice Mathew have started with this project of Malayalam Value education Texts books. To rejenuvate the preparation of these value education text books, we have included a few more members namely, Dr.Thomas, Mr.Sajan, Mr.Pathrose, Mr.Xavier, Mr. Abraham Kurien and Mr.Varkey nirappel. we have distributed the preparation of each class to one person each and decided to meet on a certain dates and discuss the topics. Further resource persons are added to the text book preparation committee, namely Mr.Sebastian, Mr. A Augustine,Mr.Luis, Thannikkot,Mr.M.O.Augustine and Mrs.Sheeja Biju.

6. Japamala Yangam
In the month of October the POC family celebrated the Rosary devotion in veneration of Our Lady. The last ten day of the month of October was like an evening feast with Mary. The POC family was divided into five groups and each group give initiative for the same. Each group made the rosary meaningful and participatory. They used various modes of recital, chanting, singing etc. There were also video presentations too. It was really a graceful month.

7. Special Interventions of Witnesses of mercy Participants
1. A House construction at Cheriyanthuruth by witnesses of mercy participants in collaboration with the Parishnors of Vellakkanny Matha Church, Cheriyanthuruthu. It is in the context of the flood that adversely affected Kerela. Rev.Fr.Saju Antony, the parish priest and Fr.Shibu Xavier is coordinating the project. From the part of witnesses of mercy participants Mr.Joseph and Mrs.Jancy is taking the lead role. We are also providing partial support for the construction of another house belonging to Hindu community, who do not have an earning member in the family.

2. Sponsoring a tuition Center at Buradi, Delhi.
As a result of the mission trip to Buradi, Delhi and seeing the plight of the children, witnesses of mercy Participants decided to support a tuition center at Buradi. The tuition center is run by the Satwana community. They run around forty centers for the drop outs and slum children also for the children of rackpickers colony. Fr.Shibu Xavier in association with Mr. Alexy Pallan, Mrs.Shyni Pallan and Br.Jeevan are coordinating the project. Mrs Jancy, team member of the witnesses of mercy Course is taking the lead role

3. Faith-Culture Exchange Programme
Witnesses of mercy participants are doing the preparation for bringing the village people from Buradi and samalga to Kerela for a faith exposure programme. It will be a three weeks programme including one week retreat at Muringoor, followed by a small training at POC and then the participants would stay in various homes of the witnesses of mercy participants.Fr.Shibu Xavier in association with the Satwana Community is coordinating the programme. Mr.Kunjumon and Mr.Benny are taking the lead role in this beautiful project.

2. The Publishing House 
The POC Publishing House is the official publishing centre of the KCBC. It is responsible for the publications of the KCBC and its Commissions and Departments. The POC is empowered by the KCBC to make decisions regarding the editing, scrutiny, printing, pricing, storing and marketing of the publications. The POC gives special emphasis on the publishing of Moral Science Text Books, Catechism Text Books and the regional translations of the Bible and the official documents of the Apostolic See. The Catechism Text Books (School Catechism +1 and +2) and Moral Science Text Books (for Standard I to XII) are being published and distributed from the POC. Dusring this reporting following books were published and reprinted by POC Publishing House.

1. Aanandichu Aahlaadikkuvin
2. Unbound
3. Karunayum Karunardayum
4. Gender Policy
5. KCBC Guidelines for Church personal
6. Study Bible
8. Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
9. Methranmarude Synodinte Pathinacham Pothusammelanam - Orukkarekha


Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT) is the social welfare centre of the Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC), established in the year 1978. The PCDT aims at the overall development of poor people residing in and around Palarivattom.The PCDT is a registered Trust and some of the neighbourhood people are also the members of the Trust. It has 1.2 acres of land and two buildings for its activities. This centre has been working with the sincere co-operation of some well-wishers. 

Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt
Director, POC



TALENT is a Journal for Adult Catechesis from the Secretariat of Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), POC Palarivattom with the registration in 1978 under Registrar of Newspapers of India, New Delhi, R.N. I. 29523/1978. It was then started with the aim of the renovation and unification of all catechetical activities of the Kerala Catholic Church, consisting the three individual churches – Syro Malabar, Latin, Syro Malankara. It is at present doing a great service to the Church in Kerala by inspiring the laity and the teachers of catechism in a special way with theological, catechetical and biblical insights. 
Talent is owned by a charitable society, named Talent Publications Trust (registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and charitable societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with no. EK/220/1979) includes all the catechetical directors of the dioceses, the editorial board members and resident KCBC Commission Secretaries at POC. Talent is now one of the main elements of unity among the sui juris Catholic Churches in Kerala. It still holds to the original purpose that is adult catechesis. 
In the 2018 issues from January to December, the topics for publication were selected with the interest of the KCBC Theology Commission and as a response to the relevant theological issues of the Church and Society in Kerala regarding faith and morals. They were well appreciated by many and definitely have helped in some way to generate more interest to the readers of Talent. The published topics for the year 2018 are the following: 
January: Christian Mission (Preshithathwathinu avasaanamilla) 
February: Golden Jubilee of POC (Ajapalanavazhiyil anpathu varsham)
March: Catechism: Yesterday and Today (Viswasapariseelanam innaleyum innum) 
April: Church and the Youth (Sabha yuvathaykoppam)
May: Euthanasia: In and out (dayaavadham: akavum puravum)
June: Call to Holiness 1 (Ithaa vishudhiyileoru paatha 1)
July: Call to Holiness 2 (Aanandhathil Vishudhi nirayatte 2)
August: Priesthood as a Shepherd 1 (Paurihithyavum Ajapaalanavum)
September: Priestly Ministry (Sushrushakanakanam Purohithan)
October: Do Not Kill (Kollaruthu)
November: Christ and the Church (Kristhuvinte Mikham Sabhayute Mukham) 
December: The Contributions of the Church in Kerala Society (Series 1) (Kerala samuukhathil Kerala Sabha nalkiya Sambhaavankal, Parampara 1)


The worldwide church is more interconnected than ever before with the thinkers and writers of the world. The globalization also creates challenges for crosscultural tensions and misunderstandings, as different cultures have conflicting assumptions about leadership values and styles. In this situation the Talent Publications in collaboration with POC has begun a new venture of meeting and hearing the skilled writers and thinkers who contribute significantly to the cultural content of a society. It gives an occasion to meet and hear a resource person who has produced various forms of literary art and creative writing such as Cinema, novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and screenplays. The monthly program Vangamayam is scheduled to be held on every first Thursday was inaugurated by Padmavibhooshan Adoor Gopalakrishnan at POC in January. The program has already caught the attention of the public and the Media. Writers like P. Mukundan, Sethu, Santhoshkumar, V.J. James, Lal Jose, etc were the guests of Vangmayam in 2018. 

Word of Thanks
We thank the officials of KCBC, the readers of Talent and dioce