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Social Harmony and Vigilance Commission
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Bp. Joshua Mar Ignathios

Bp. Joseph Kariyil
Vice Chairman

Bp. Pauly Kannukkadan
Vice Chairman

Rev Fr. Saju Kuthodiputhenpurayil CST

Rev. Fr. George Madathiparambil
Joint Secretary

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Social Harmony and Vigilance Commission is the official body under Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) committed to Social   harmony and peace.   The Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance is established with an aim to promote social harmony and peace, spreading the message of humanity and oneness, thus avoiding the social discomforts and division in the society. It aims to remain ever vigilant and to  act upon issues at the regional and national levels along with with the Church’s efforts in maintaining a true harmonious holistic social order. The commission is committed to build an indivisible society on universal lines, which calls for spreading the message of unity of human race based on the precepts laid down by Jesus Christ.


At  present the Commission functions actively with Bishop Dr.Joshua Mar Ignathios as its Chairman, Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman and Mar Sebastian Adayantharath as Vice Chairmen, and Rev.Dr. Saju Kuthodiputhenpurayil CST as Secretary and Rev. Dr. George Madathiparambil as Joint Secretary.


To make a collective entreaty to the God of the universe, who transcends the frontiers of race, culture, and religion and to make himself present among men, so as to shed His light on our path and free us from confusions, uncertainty, disharmony and chaos arising out of the injustice and fear that darken the horizon with enormous and insurmountable array of problems and challenges today.


To realize a transformed Society where Justice, Peace and Love prevails, as divine as designed  by God, and for a society  which ensures human rights, performance of duties, human dignity, celebrates diversity and promotes equality, common good and respect for human life and justice.


To be a fearless united voice challenging injustice, awakening social consciousness and fostering integral development. We strive to do this through:

*  Social Justice Education and Advocacy

*  Upholding the uniqueness of every human being and promoting universal brotherhood.

*  Encouraging ways of thinking and actions that promotes social harmony.

*  Preventing the origin and operation of forces, which threaten social harmony.

*  Initiating peace processes in the events of social disharmony and injustice.

*  Promoting the doctrines and institutions of the Catholic Church.

*  Media intervention.

*  Promoting people-centered development

*  Working for the transformation of inequitable structures and systems and

*  Guiding the faithful and to restore confidence and peace in the hearts of all men of good will.


Developmental Strategies:

*  Encouraging the trends, events, forces, practices   and any other opportunities which can promote social harmony and peace in the society and also the doctrines and institutions of the Catholic Church.

*  Being ever vigilant about the trends, events, forces, practices and any other threats, which can create social disharmony and disintegration in the society.

*  Documenting, promoting information about positive trends, events, forces, practices and opportunities for maintaining social harmony and peace in the society

*  Reporting and intervening proactively in all trends, events, forces, practices which promote social disharmony.

*  Networking with other groups with similar vision.

*  Resorting to advocacy and lobbying.

*  Enabling individuals to live in dignity and honor irrespective of class, caste, creed and gender and status related to social, economic, political and health conditions.

*  Building up groups of population (both for the present and future) who are committed activists of Social Harmony and who can also act as eyes and ears of the Commission.


1) Media Scan, News Alert Service and Monitoring Media Stories on the Wire, Screening of Publications etc.:  The Commission has developed a proper mechanism to scan the media news and other publications to trace the anti-Christian elements and issues that appear about Catholic Church and the society at large. News alerts provide an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility and urgency of the most vital as well as destructive news material and messages that can harm the Church and society so that the Church in Kerala can take action to protect her image. By maintaining a constant alert and watching and immediate feedback on TV news programme across Kerala, the commission tries to maximize positive coverage and monitor emerging issues.

2) Press Release on Current Controversial Social issues, Letter to the Editors and Articles on Current Social issues: The Commission responds to current controversial social and religious issues through media that affect the Catholic Church and society. It takes efforts to make effective interventions by training the laypeople to respond to the issues and to give awareness to the general public on social issues by write ups and by  publish’ Jagratha’ online e-journal. Every month the E -Journal reaches widely to every reader interested in relevant Social issues and on Church affairs by way of open access system through Internet. It provides timely and informative news relating to social, religious, political and economic situations in the country. It is also sent in printed form to the Bishops and Major Superiors.

3) PRO Training Programme,  Media Education Programme and other Training Programmes: The Commission has organized training programmes for Diocesan Spokes persons and religious Nuns to make them responsible for coordinating active public relations.

4) Zonal Meetings, Zonal Directors and Coordinators Meetings, PRO meetings, KCBC Commission Secretaries Meet and General Body Meeting: These Meetings as given below are being conducted regularly to coordinate and develop the habit of cooperative work.

Zonal meeting, Kottayam, 5th February 2015

Zonal meeting, Ernakulum, 10th March 2015

Zonal Directors and coordinators meeting, POC, August 3rd 2015

Zonal meeting, Kozhikode, 21st August 2015

Consulters meeting, POC, Palarivattom, 30th August 2015

Zonal Meeting, Trivandrum, 5th September 2015

General Body Meeting, POC, Palarivattom, 17th October 2015

Consulters meeting, POC, Palarivattom, 31st October 2015

Consulters meeting, POC, Palarivattion, 20th November 2015

5) Jagratha Samithi, Research Form, Lawyer’s Form, Journalist’s Form, Human Right Desk etc:. The Commission has formed different groups of men and women of good standing who would be willing to assist the Commission with community spirit and loyalty to uphold the esteem of the Church.

6) Protest on the Human Disaster and other social and moral issues: The Commission organized a silent protest meeting on 2nd March 2015 against the killing of innocent Christians in the Middle East and also did a ‘Way of the Cross’ to express our solidarity and communion with the persecuted.

7) Farewell and Welcome: The Commission arranged a heartfelt Farewell to Rev. Fr. Josey Ponnambal MSFS, the former Secretary of the Commission and welcomed the new secretary Rev. Dr. SajuKuthodiputhenpurayil CST on 3rd August  2015.

8) Colloquium:  The Commission organized a colloquium on “Justice and Morality of Capital Punishment” at  POC Palarivattom on 13th September  2015 and  another one  on “Indian Culture and the Politics of intolerance” at POC Palarivattom on 14th November  2015.

Special thanks to the Chairman, Vice chairmen, the former Secretary of the Commission and to all other office bearers of KCBC.

Rev. Dr. Saju Kuthodiputhenpurayil CST,

Secretary, KCBC Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance