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Youth Commission
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Bp. Joseph Mar Thomas

Bp. Mar George Madathikandathil
Vice Chairman

Bp. Christudas R
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Stephen Thomas

Rev. Fr. Joseph Alencherry
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Paul Sunny
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Sebastian John Kizhakkethil
Joint Secretary

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Sri. Immanuel Michael
Kerala Catholic Youth Movement

Sri. Ebin Kanivayalil
General Secretary
Kerala Catholic Youth Movement

Rev. Fr. Geo Thekkineth

Mr. Jaison Sebastian

Shoby K Paul

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Accompanying youth and helping them to understand the meaning of life is one of the important ministries of the Church. It is a way helping them to live true discipleship, following the footsteps of Jesus and to respond to the modern challenges of Humanity. To express their dreams, visions and talents, Young people need sufficient Space and Time in the Church and Society. They should feel that they are counted and accepted in the important decisions and changes taking place in and around them. Hence, Youth Ministry is a great task of the Church and it needs dedicated persons, who can carefully read the pulse of the time and the life of young people.

Responding to the challenges of the time, Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) gives much significance to the Youth Ministry and thus to the integral development of young people. KCBC Youth Commission is responsible to animate all the youth missions panning across thirty-one Dioceses in Kerala on a single platform and targeting spiritual, intellectual and socio-cultural formation of Catholic youth by providing proper expertise and guidance. Hence it is entrusted to animate the activities of the young people in the three sui iuris Churches -- the Latin, the Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara.

 All Catholic youth movements in Kerala – including its official organisations like KCYM (the confederation of the LCYM, MCYM and SMYM), and Christian Life Community (CLC), and co-ordination of the activities of CML, Jesus Youth, Don Bosco Youth, Vincent De Paul Youth, Idente Youth, MIJARC, FIMCAP and AICUF -- comes under the Youth Commission. Through various formation programs and social activities, the Commission aims to empower the Catholic youth to live as young disciples of Jesus Christ through their responsible participation in the life and mission of the Church. Hence, the Commission strengthens the fraternity and solidarity among those involve in youth ministry in the 31 Dioceses in the region of Kerala, India.

At present, the Commission is headed by His Excellency Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, as the Chairman and His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel and His Excellency Dr. Philipose Mar Stephanos, as the Vice-Chairmen. KCBC Youth Commission extends sincere gratitude to His Excellency Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC, who was the predecessor of Bishop Dr. Philipose Mar Stephanos, for the timely guidance and support extended during his tenure. Moreover, the Commission whole-heartedly welcomes Bishop Mar Stephanos and congratulate Bishop Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios for his new assignment as the first Bishop for the Kirkee-Pune Malankara Exharchate. Rev. Dr. Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil OIC is the Secretary for the KCBC Youth Commission. In the year 2014, Rev. Fr. Paul Sunny (Latin Rite), Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kaippanplackal (Malabar Rite) and Rev. Fr. Thomas Kayyalackal (Malankara Rite), representing the three sui iuris Churches were appointed as the Joint-Secretaries of the KCBC Youth Commission.

As part of giving more attention in youth ministry, at present, all the three sui iuris Churches and most of their respective Dioceses have their own Youth Commissions. With the collaboration between the KCBC Youth Commission and the Commissions of the three sui iuris Churches along with the Diocesan youth Commissions, can help to carry out the recommendations given in KCBC with regards to youth, allowing the voice of the young to be heard and for creating more channels for their participation in the Church and society.

Theme for the year 2015: Pravāchaka Yuvathvavum Samarpitha Chaithnyavum

The year 2015 is marked as the Year of the Consecrated Life. Hence, the Commission proposed a theme entitled, Pravāchaka Yuvathvavum Samarpitha Chaithnyavum (Prophetic Youth and Grace of Consecration) and has been incorporated in the action plan for the year 2015. Through various formation programs, based on this theme, organizing in the Parish, Forane, Diocesan and State level, the Commission fosters the integral growth of each young person. The sub titles of the main theme are environmental protection, drug and alcohol free society and religious tolerance.


Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM)

Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) is the only one common platform for the Catholic youth of the three sui iuris Churches. As its statutes articulates, it is the official youth wing of KCBC, directly comes under the Youth Commission and monitors the integral development of Catholic youth between 15 to 35 years. The KCBC President, His Beatitude Moran Mor Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Catholicos is the Patron of KCYM. The organisation is affiliated to the National youth body, the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) and the International Movement for Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (MIJARC). The Secretary of KCBC Youth Commission also holds the office of the State Director of KCYM. At present, Rev. Sr. Sumam SD offers her service as the State Animator.

Through an elected State committee, along with its Advisory board, Syndicate members and Senate members, KCYM implements its action plan for the establishment of a just society. In the year 2015, the President Mr. Shine Antony, the General Secretary Mr. Sijo Ambat, the two Vice-Presidents Miss. Lincy Augustine and Mr. Sanoj Shaji, the four Secretaries, Mrs. Hima Albin, Mr. Biju Raju, Miss Divya Franis, Mr. Antohen James, the Treasurer Mr. Naijo Anto were elected in a democratic way, equally representing the three sui iuris Churches.

Under the umbrella of KCYM, State level study camps and campaigning on environmental issues, intolerance, communal harmony, urbanisation, migration, agriculture, poverty, alcohol and drugs were conducted through out the year. A number of State level formation programs, such as Youth Leaders Training Camp, Women Empowerment Camp - ‘Prachōdini’, a number of State level and Diocesan level environmental study camps titled ‘Laudato Si’, State Youth Festival – ‘Ulsav’  etc. were successfully organised in this year. Through various formation programmes and timely interventions in the socio-cultural issues, the organisation was successful in marking its presence both in the Church and in civil Society. Moreover, in the year 2015, KCYM contributed a good number of national and international leaders in social, political and church level. A number of KCYM members contested in the recently conducted Panchayath elections and several are successfully elected.

Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM)

KCYM is the regional youth wing of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM), which functions under the guidance of CBCI. It is a common platform for all the Catholic Youth in India to come together and to share their views and talents. Miss. Mary Jemcy, who was the KCYM State Vice-President for the year 2013, was elected as the ICYM National General Secretary and Mr. Jinson Thomas, the ICYM Kerala Representative was selected as the FIMCP International Secretary for the year 2013-2015.


MIJARC is the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (IMCARY). It is spread around the four continents spread around 60 countries. MIJARC in the Asian continent is known as MIJARC Asia. Mrs. Smitha Shibin, the MIJARC Kerala Representative, was chosen as the first women Chairperson of the MIJARC World Solidarity Commission. Mr. Jomi Jose, MIJARC Kerala representative is continuing his respective office. The Secretary to the KCBC Youth Commission and the State Director of KCYM, Rev. Dr. Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil OIC is the Continental Chaplain of MIJARC Asian.

The details of the Regional, National & International programmes of the year 2015 in connection with KCYM, ICYM and MIJARC are given below.




a)      State Syndicate, 11 January, POC, Cochin.

b)      Annual State Senate, Evaluation & Planning for the year 2015, 23-25 January, Kottappuram Diocese.

c)      Election of the New State Committee for the year 2015, 25 January, Kottappuram.

d)     Joint Syndicate 25 January, Kottappuram.

e)      Installation of New State Committee for the year 2015, 25 January, Kottappuram.


  1. Snehaddūthu, Prayer Evening and Youth Protest against the massive killing of Christians in the Middle East, 7 February, POC, Cochin.
  1. Seminar - the Mission of KCYM, 17 February, Mananthavadi diocese.
  1. Directors’-Animators’ Meet, ATHMA, to finalize the action plan of the year 2015, 19 February, Renewal Centre, Ernakulam.
  1. Inauguration of the KCYM Action Plan 2015, 19 February, Renewal Centre, Ernakulam.
  1. Advisory Council Meet, 19 February, Renewal Centre, Ernakulam.
  1. Resource Team Training Program, 19-20 February, Renewal Centre, Ernakulam.


1)      Women’s day celebration, 8 March, the costal area of Alappey diocese.

2)      State Secretariat meeting, POC, Cochin.

3)      Youth Pilgrimage in connection with the World Youth Day Celebrations, 20 March, Mount Urukunnu, Punaloor Diocese.

4)      State Syndicate, POC, Cochin.

5)      Blood donation camp - To protest against the massive killing of Christians around the world, especially in the Middle East - Raktha Dāhathinethire Raktha Dānam, 30 March - 1 April, St. Albert’s college, Ernakulam.


a)      Blood donation camp - To protest against the massive killing of Christians around the world, especially in the Middle East - Raktha Dāhathinethire Raktha Dānam, 30 March - 1 April, St. Albert’s college, Ernakulam.

b)      Study Camp on environmental and social issues in the costal area of Kerala, NEYTHAL, 24-26 April, Mararikkulam, Alappey Diocese.

c)      State Secretariat meeting, 25 April, Mararikkulam, Alappey.

d)     State Syndicate, Mararikkulam, 25 April, Alappey.


1)      Formation camp & Leadership training programme based on the Theme of the Year 2015 - Pravāchaka Yu vathvavum Samarpitha Chaithnyavum (Prophetic Youth and Grace of Consecration), 9-11 May, Kottappuram Diocese.


  1. Hunger strike against Meenakumari Commission, 12-13 June, Ernakulam.


a)      World Youth Day Celebration, 5 July, POC, Cochin.

b)      State Syndicate, 4 July, POC, Cochin.

c)      Half Yearly Senate, 4-5 July, POC, Cochin.

d)     MIJARC World Coordination and Formation Programme, 28 July - 9 August 2015, Munich, Germany.


  1. MIJARC World Coordination and Formation Programme, 28 July - 9 August 2015, Munich, Germany.



  1. Charity Day - Mother Theresa Day Celebrations, 5 September, Irinjalakkuda Diocese.
  1. State Secretariat, 23 September, POC, Cochin.
  1. Syndicate Meeting, 24 September, POC, Cochin.
  1. Haritha Yuva Sangamam, Workshop and Seminar on the Enviornmental Crisis based on Laudato Si, 25 September, POC, Cochin.


1)      Social and Civic awareness program promoting religious tolerance and social harmony – Youth Bike Rally and Public Meeting followed by cleaning the premises of Kozhikkody Callectorate , 2 October, Thamarasseri Diocese.

2)      Youth Formation Camp and Leadership Training, 9-11 October, Palakkadu Diocese.

3)      Koythu, Harvest Feast to promote the need of agricultural, 22 October, Ernakulam.

4)      Yuvajāgaran, Hunger Strike against abortion and the implementation of MTP Act, 23 October, Ernakulam.


  1. 39th ICYM National Youth Council, 9-11 November, Kolkota. Archdiocese.
  1. Study Camp on Environmental Issues Based on Laudato Si – Paristiti Padana Camp, Kakkayam, 13-15 November, Thalasseri Diocese.
  1. MIJARC Asian Coordination Meeting and Seminar, 23-27 November, Chennai.
  1. State Syndicate, 29 November, POC, Cochin.


1)      KCBC Youth Commission Meet, 9 December, POC, Cochin.

1)      State Youth Festival, 11-13 December, Thalasseri Archdiocese.

2)      State Syndicate, 11 December, Thalasseri.

3)      Christmas Celebrations, 12 December, Thalasseri.

4)      KCYM (Foundation) Day Celebrations, 28 December, Diocesan level.

January 2016

  1. Annual Senate and Evaluation, 15-17 January 2016, Trissur Archdiocese.
  1. State Syndicate, 16 January 2016, Trissur.
  1. Election of the New State Committee for the year 2016, 17 January, Trissur.


Observations and Suggestions

In all times, Youth Ministry demands novelty in vision and action. Its mission never changes, but the vision should have new scope, which opens up a new ‘way of action’. Those who engage in youth ministry must have this insight, while accompanying the contemporary youth, which is an alarming need of the time.

Because of the various changes taking place in the filed of youth ministry, in the three sui iuris Churches, the areas of collaboration are still searching for a better and suitable mode of opera. Healthy discussions are needed for a better way to address the needs of young people, bearing in mind the needs of the three sui iuris Churches. We should not neglect the dreams of youth, who need a common plat form where they can come together beyond the spheres of their won Churches. There should have a common space where the young generation of the three sui iuris Churches can sit together and to plan out for a better society. Hence, Youth Pastoral care must be one of the prior duties of the Church and it should not be neglected.

As we know, qualified and dedicated human resource, time and money have to be budgeted in our annual plan of action. Life education programs and personal care must be promoted in all levels of Youth Ministry. The spiritual, intellectual and social formation must be well addressed, so that they will become good citizens with proper vision in life. Identifying quantified youth and to promote them to the main stream of society and Government offices must be a common agenda. Spiritual formation of the youth must be a significant part in this venture. Considering the modern challenges and the need of the young people, the traditional methods of Youth Ministry must be updated according to the local needs.

A ‘common place’ for youth - a ‘Youth Friendly Campus’ and a well-established centre in the KCBC and Diocesan level is an urgent need. Sine this idea of a ‘Youth Friendly Campus’ is a common need and a common dream; land accusation and the building construction must be in the master plan of the Church than of the persons entrusted to the office. More over, the financial stability and proper support for Youth Ministry must be a common agenda. The youth formation programs for Seminarians, Youth Directors, Animator Sisters and youth Leaders also need immediate attention. Since the Youth Ministry in the sui iuris Churches undergo a lot of changes and discussions, the newly proposed Statues of the KCBC Youth Commission and the renewal of KCYM Statutes are still under studies and reflection.


KCBC Youth Commission extends its sincere thanks to the CBCI and KCBC President, His Beatitude Moran Mor Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, and the Vice President of KCBC, His Grace Mar Joseph Perumthottam, for their wholehearted support and blessings. The Commission also expresses its sincere gratitude to Rev. Dr. Varghese Vallikkatt, the Director of POC and the Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of KCBC, for his continuous and unwavering care and support towards the young people.

I would like to thank Bishop Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, the Chairman, Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel, Dr. Bishop Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC and Bishop Dr. Philipose Mar Stephanos, the Vice-Chairmen for their wholehearted support and timely guidance in delivering my duties in a meaningful and effective way.

With much gratitude I remember all the Bishops, the Diocesan, Forane and Parish Youth Directors, Animators, Leaders and all young people for their co operation, useful suggestions and evaluations for the improvement of the duties and responsibilities of the Youth Commission.

Rev. Dr. Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil OIC

Secretary, KCBC Youth Commission


 Kerala Region Christian Life Communities (CLC) is committed to the formation of youth in the spirit of commitment and service to the Church and the Society. The State team of CLC headed by Mr. Vineesh Kolangdan (President), along with the seven members under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Roy Nedumthanam (Promoter) and Rev. Sr. Jyothis S.D (Animator) implement and co-ordinates various activities of CLC in Kerala.

         The focus of the year and theme is “CLC – Committed and consecrated to Mary to build God’s Kingdom”. The theme was presented by the Director on March 25th at Irinjalakuda on the occasion of feast of Annunciation which was celebrated at Christ Public School, Irinjalakuda. State level campaign was initiated to create an awareness of the need of healthy environment for children and women in our society. Seminars and workshops were initiated by the Diocesan team to form action teams in every Diocese. The Ruby Jubilee inauguration of CLC was done by His Beatitude Cardinal Mar George Alenchery at Angamali on 9th May 2015. The World Environment day was celebrated with a variety of programmes at Mookattukara Parish in Trissur.

             During this year the Executive team gathered every two months to review the activities of the Dioceses and to encourage the Diocesan teams. The meetings were held in different Diocese in turn- Trissur, Calicut, Kannur and Irinjalakuda- in order to encourage and support their activities.  The publication of ‘CLC guide’ for formation of junior CLCers in Ignatian Spirituality is another achievement of this year.   One day seminar was held on April 15th on the theme “Equality in Indian constitution” by Adv. Charley Paul which provided the members with  much greater awareness in this subject. The annual gathering of the Promoters of CLC was held at Kannur in which various Dioceses presented their activities and their success stories which was very inspiring to the CLC family.

          Various celebrations of CLC were held with due preparation at local and Diocesan levels. In the Dioceses many activities have been done towards formation and for motivation   in CLC spirituality. With grateful heart I acknowledge the contribution made by the Diocesan Promoters, Animators, Executive Members and all the members of CLC. I also acknowledge the whole hearted support of the State executive members for the growth of Christian Life Communities in Kerala.


January      : Third phase of formation programme for 3 days at Kollam.

January      : Formation programme for young Adults- south Region

February     : Ex-Co meeting in Irinjalakuda

March         : World CLC day celebration at Palakkad

April-May     : Ignatian retreat to selected 5 members from each Diocese.

                   : Visit to Dioceses.and formation programme for central Region

June             : Ex-co meeting Kollam

July              : Ignatian day celebrations at Kannur

August          : independence Day celebration Calicut

                       Ex-co Meeting- at Kannur

Sept-October   : Leaders meet and training programme for 3 days

                        Ex-co Meeting

Nov-Dec           : Promoters Gathering, Animators meet and Senior CLCers meet

                         Christmas and New year Celebrations.


January                Formation Programme (3 Days)           : 9,000.00

March                  CLC day                                             : 5,000.00

April – May           Ignatian Retreat                                 : 15,000.00

                           Formation Programme for central       ;15,000.00

June                    Ex-Co Meeting                                   : 1,500.00

August                 Independence Day Celebration            : 5,000.00

Sept – October      Leaders meet and training                  : 10,000.00

                            Formation programme of North           :15,000.00

November             Gatherings of promoters, Animators

                            And senior CLCers                              :5,000.00

                             Exco-meeting                                      2,000.00

                              Communication and Travel:                 5,000.00


                                            Total                                87,500.00

Thanking you

Fr. Roy  Nedumthanam

CLC Promoter